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Just want to say happy birthday to Jimmy Page, world's greatest guitarist EVER.

How awesome to have been able to inspire/connect to so many people/fans in his lifetime. Here's hoping he has MANY MANY more birthdays and continues to create and inspire.


Happy B-Day! from dame on train.

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Mr Page you are timeless. Thank-you for the joy you have given us all here. With many wishes of health and happiness for years to come, Happy Birthday.




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January 9th -- This Day In History


Jimmy Page was born January 9, 1944 in the West London suburb of Heston, which today forms part of the London Borough of Hounslow. During the second world war, RAF Spitfires and Hurricanes flew from Heston airport, followed by US Air Force Flying Fortress bombers. Jimmy's father was an industrial personnel manager and his mother was a doctor's secretary. In 1952 they moved to Feltham, and later again to Miles Road, Epsom.

Jimmy was probably concieved on or around April 9, 1943.


I Would like to know:

The Hospital or Location of his birth:

The Time of Day of his birth:

And whether his was a natural birth, or, C-Section (as I was)....

And, was Jimmy the only and/or first child of his parents ? ?

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Happiest of Days to You Darling James!

I think you made the very best decision in scrapping the plan to go forward with anything less than perfection for the project. Though I will perhaps never get the chance to see you play again in the states, I hope that is not to be. I sitll think Robert will come around iin the next year and opt to do a few more shows with you and Jason and JPJ. I really feel that it WILL happen again. I just put my hope to be there when this sonic alchemy travels in its cyclic spiral to be revealed once more.

My starlight and sunshine be the magick of your days. The perfection in you so shall always remain.

Thye silvery orb in its fullness tonight shall capture the memories of a forever sacred rite.

Happy Birthday James. I love you 4 ever!




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Feliz cumpleaños jimmy! thank you for everything you've done thanks to you who has inspired and motivated me. all the best for the upcoming year! I will raise a glass this very night just for you.



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