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Happy Birthday Jimmy!

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Jimmy, seems like it was just yesterday . . . .

When you were young.... and Your Heart was an Open Book....


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oh I know

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

the time got away from me :slapface:

happy belated birthday Jimmy! :)

I didn't know what to get you and you'd say no no, so I wrote you a poem... (well my ancestor was Robert Burns so I guess a little might have rubbed off on me). ok so,


♫ Rock Is My True Love

I'm drivin' downtown in my S.U.V.,

was at the store, bought your CD,

I turn up the volume 'cause your rock is true,

you'll be my Baby, then we're through,

got only a few minutes to

sing between the lines my words back to you.

To say 'I love you' 's too affectional,

don't know you, nothing personal,

I've seen and heard you two-dimension-al-ly,

might be a kick if we could click,

don't love you that way, not lovesick,

but Baby, I love you for your music!

I could be standing right in front of you,

but you would never have a clue

concentratin' on measure, tune and lyric,

I'm depending on your harmony,

those words of love that get to me,

break my heart and then you're gonna fix it!

I don't care what others think,

only matters if we're synced,

they call you unreachable,

a serenading mav'rick,

they call me unteachable,

memorizin' to music,

I can't sing, can't play that thing,

we're just a casual fling.

You're so funny when you call me "honey",

timing is right on the money,

take that body, get your whole self into it,

lift that guitar, clean and jerk it,

fingers slide across and work it,

no one can make that thing talk like you do!

I crank the tune up even higher on

my four-channel amplifier

and if the words or meanings should escape me,

the zen of your invention steers me,

then the co-mix is the beauty,

speaker to my chest, reverb says it to me.

The album's done we're parted,

but I won't be disheartened,

glad I spent my love on you,

a quarter past late, time flew,

but you can't be my rock, no,

I wouldn't lead you on so,

you wanted me to love rock and so I do,

now rock is my true love, not you!

oh rock is my true la-uh-ove not you! :P

many happy returns! :D


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