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The German spoken Led Zeppelin Fans "uprising underground"


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The german spoken Led Zeppelin fans „uprising from underground“.

After more than 6 years on non decectable websites, we decided to become public for all interested fans and restart our web appearance.

If you enjoy to discuss everything about our heroes also in german (we don`t want to route members from here to our site, most of us are taking daily a look at here), you are welcome to visit the germanfriendsofzep.

Greetings from Germany and Austria, we hope, that our next summermeeting will reach a new record of membership attendance. Most of us are acquainted with each other and we are a very special family.

Enjoy www.friendsofzep.de

We reciprocated in our linksection this site.

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Willkommen hier, hoffentlich gefällt es euch hier zwischen allen anderen manchmal ziemlich bekloppten Zepheads.

Ich werde eure Site später mal anschauen, habe im Moment keinen eigenen Computer zur verfügung, sitze jetzt bei Bekannten und konnte mal schnell eben auf diese Site.

Mit zugekifften Grüssen, viel gutes von den Nachbarn aus Holland.

Rock on!!!!!

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