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Texas Pop Festival Live Footage!

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There's a whole cheesy documentary of the Texas Pop Fest '69 called, "Got no shoes, got the Blues". There's some pretty good footage, very little of Zep and some really funny scenes of the locals and their reaction to the Rock Fest in town. Lewisville used to be quite a ways outside of Dallas, but in the last few decades it's nearly inner city as big as Dallas has expanded.

The old speedway is LONG GONE, replaced now with warehouses and strip malls.

It's truly a POOR, POOR man's "Woodstock". The film that is, the lineup was great and MANY sounboard recordings came out from it. I have at least a dozen.

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I've never seen this before, I've heard the bootleg, but I never thought there was actual footage of this concert!

>>>> Texas Pop Festival '69 <<<<


Thanks for the Facebook Link Freethinker.....

BTY, was that video shot silent, and then the bootleg audio mixed into this presentation ?

Or was the film shot with audio ? ?

Sometimes the audio and drumming doesn't sync, but other times it is in sync.

And one more thing.... is that a video screen above Bonham ? ?

Robert Plant:

"I'd like to introduce you to Led Zeppelin" :DB)

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In the footage I have someone put captions of which song they were playing on each of the 4 songs, and misidentified I Can't Quit You as You Shook Me... whoever created that abominaition must not have been a Zeppelin fan. <_<

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