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What guitar is this?


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I was in my grandparents attic and I took down this guitar case, when I opened it it was a dusty old thing. And I was wondering if it was worth some thing here is a basic description:

It says "Rexina" on the neck.

Body Has A Sunburst color with an outline of black.

It has 2 drives (Switch to change the drives)

Neck has the tuners all on one side

21 Frets

Dark Fretboard

Firey pickguard

1 Pickup

The Bridge Is Like A Bass

2 Selections Tone And Volume

Output Jack is on top the guitar not buit in.

It's from about the 1960's.

Ot's also in pretty fair condition: the strings are missing and a few scratches here and there other than that its good.

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