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My Band doing Over the Hills


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I tried to check it out but for some reason I cant get it to come up on my computer. Are you playing the main riff on acoustic and the solo on electric? I presume? Do you have a female lead vocalist?

hm. i wonder if you have some sort of pop up blocker? The file should play immediately when you highlight the song and click on it.

Yes, female lead vocal. No -- actually there are two electric guitarists (playing les pauls) one for rhythm and one lead. We have done it many times with an acoustic guitar for the rhytm part, but this time we used all electric.

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Here is a link to my band doing Over the Hills & Far Away live last week, along with a bunch of other live covers and originals from recent recordings.

Over the Hills is the third track i think.


that was pretty good. Nice riffs on the geetar.

Here's a vid of my group doing The Rover.

I apologize for the quality as it was a last minute deal, but anyway

btw i'm on drums

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