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Some feedback for a few song ideas/jams


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My band split recently. There were different ideas of what we wanted the band to do. Some wanted to keep playin covers(along with originals when time permitted) and despite being a pretty damn good band and pulling in a crowd every place we had the chance to play, it never got too far off the ground, in the five years the band was in existence. The so-called leader of the band is convinced thats the only way to be successful as a small town musician. Apparently he hasn't heard of the internet.

Now, the 3 of us leftovers are looking at making some music, puttin it out there, try gettin some gigs, and see where that takes us. We have no desire or delusions of making the big time. I would love to make music for a living and that is the final goal, but for now we are gonna take our time and make these songs as good as possible.

We have a few song sketches and a couple jams that are pretty spontaneous. Not really sure how to describe it other than rock, but it's not exactly straight up a'la ACDC.

Anyway, hows about some feedback??, and plz don't be too harsh if it's not your thing. These are obviously not of the greatest quality, both performance wise and recording, but definitely better than alot of homemade stuff I hear.

These are the first few songs any of us has written, so pointers would be appreciated, as would any bonus points for the parts you think are cooler.


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