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What's up with Jimmy?


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I find it hard to believe that he and the lads can't find somebody in the whole world to sing with them.

Obviously there is no 'replacing' Robert but certainly the world can offer up some interesting singers to make a good project.

I can think of a few-they all seem to be female....and I have to admit that all the heavy metal singers that have been suggested on this site make me cringe but surely to god they could have found someone.

It makes me wonder if they were ever serious at all about this project or if they were bluffing so as to hopefully attract Robert or if they found they did not have much inspiration for new material or if they are suddenly overwhelmed with concerns for sullying the Zeppelin legend or if there is some other problem we are not aware of outside of musical considerations or even if the new message from Jimmy's man are untrue....?....

(...or Robert has said to petend it's off until after his latest foray into Raising Sand land-which would make some sense...)

They (3Js) all seemed interseted in a fairly public manner which I would have thought was a fairly calculated step-I find it hard to believe they've just shrugged it off all together.

....something doesn't add up.......

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I agree with ya man. Jason said he wanted to do it , JPJ said he wanted to do it, both in public. Why would JPJ who is the consumate pro, say they were going to do soemthing if they werent? Something stinks here. i'm glad they didnt used any of the mentioned people, none of them were right for it. However, hold an open auditon or something!!!!! it just doesnt sit right with me.

I hope your right that Robert may come around. I doubt it, but I will never give up hope. He has changed his mind many times in the past on many levels, so ya never know. BUT, that doesnt mean the 3J's cant do something!!!!! Cmon guys, your killin us out here!

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