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Black Mountain Side tabla


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Ive been curious lately.. on the studio version of bms viram Jasani plays tabla.. but are there any live versions where just the section of white summer that combines bms does bonzo ever contribute any percussion to bms.. ive never heard one where he did.. are they any boots that would prove me wrong.. i think the tabla is what makes the song easterny and of course the tuning which is the big difference from bert janschs trad. arr. of blackwaterside.. page took it to anew level but thats a seperate issue..

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I was looking through old photographs over the Christmas holidays and I came across these two pictures of Viram Jasani, taken over twenty years ago.

In my younger days I used to learn to play the Sitar and we had an Indian Classical Music conference in Leeds and one of the speakers was one Viram Jasani.

So, after the talk I approached him, he was quite a serious looking person and as soon as I asked him about his past I think he realised where this was going and I suspect he gets asked about it every so often and he seemed not too happy about it. Anyway I persisted and it seems he was a jobbing musician and played on many records at the time including The Rolling Stones, Donavan and so on. He didn’t really want his name to appear on the back of the sleeve because now he gets asked it about even though it was one recording out of so many he did at the time.  





VJ 20200101_101832.jpg  VJ 20200101_101819.jpg

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