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Zep songs with the same feel


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I have listen to Zep for 20 yrs. I was wondering what type of songs are similar to you all on the differnent albums.

For example. Communication Breakdown and Immigrant Song and Achillies last stand. All sound similar in a fast groove.

Lemon Song and For your life have a similar song structure. Black Dog and The Ocean have the same groove. MMhop and Heartbreaker have that funky groove. Over the hills and Thats the way acoustically at the begining sound similar as well.

Anymore songs that sound similar?


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Bonzo's Montreux and Moby Dick :D Sorry-had to

Custard Pie and Trampled Under Foot same funky groove

Wearing And Tearing & Wanton Song

LLM &Communication Breakdown

I Cant Quit You Babe bass line during the guitar solo sounds like Dazed and Confused for a few seconds

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