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Robert Plant and Alison Krauss interview tonight

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Interview with Robert and Alison on Ben Jones Show on Absolute radio 105.8 fm sometime after eight o'clock this evening british time. Might be interesting! Tune in on internet if you live abroad. Good station! :slapface:

Do you have a link to the station?

Thanks in advance.

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OK, it's now 10:12pm and still no mention. :thumbdown: Unfortunately I have to go now, so I will just have to hope that the interview will be made available via the "Listen Again" feature that the radio station has on their website.

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I typed as fast as I can. Missed alot but here's some of it:

Alison says rs was beyond their expectations and it was a wonderful time.

Robert: they met a few years prior and they performed at a ledbelly event. they played with odetta and belafonte. alison had the patience and the virtue. They said that at a future date they should try to get together. they did. they gave it three days and if it didn't work out then fine, but it did. With RS they want to enjoy new experiences and tour. they extended the songs the whole project grew and they kept laughing all the way through it.

It was so genuine and just a dream. felt it was really good. they didn't expect anything and it was a real blast and they laughed their way around the planet.

Robert says he is chronologically challenged. HMM.

Then they played ggg.

where is rp in his carrer. he doesn't have one, just some great events and some dips and ???. when they lost bonzo he wanted to do something without the shackles of someones expectations. This has worked and its a technicolor adventure and very challenging.

About the CBE. He's only got a tune melt and some sandwiches but no award yet! Was he proud to get the award. yes, you are given the opportunity, you pick a box yes or no, the award is for contribution for british songwriting. and he realized that 42 years of making records, they're usually called lifetime achievement award, but maybe he should say no and say he's waiting for the knighthood. he remembered a call from sir elton and then he thought about. then says that americans think more about that.

about inauguration day:

everone was in tears, the charisma and the challeneges he's faced with it 's goig to be a hard long struggle but he's got good people behind him.

zep?? you can understand the interest surely? the reason it stopped is becuse we were incomplete. no matter what you do you have to guard the indiscretion and make sure you have all th reasons to do it with the right conviction. you can't just go back and visit it without giving it a whole new approach(?). To visit old ground is a very delicate thing to do and if it didn't work it would be difficult to go back into that and to give it justice. Something about the first day it being great, but if it isn't after that it's not going to do it justice. Not positive on this.

Wish I could type faster.

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Interesting quotes from Robert here, leaves little doubt that he is not interested in rehashing the old with a Zeppelin reunion.

He said that his collaboration with Allison enabled him to "sing and have a great time and to enjoy new experiences".

Robert said that they were "laughing all the way through it" and "it was wonderful".

"The partnership with T-Bone Burnett was a dream."

Their music was not "mainstream pop".

They "laughed their way around the planet" during their tour for Raising Sand.

He said that "they were an unlikely duo" and it came out that Robert called Allison to record and they decided that they would give it three days, and if it didn't work, they would "go out to lunch" and call it a day.

He said that he was "Incredibly challenged by this chronologically and artistically.'

He said that he "didn't have a career, just great events in life with peaks and troughs".

He said that John's death freed him of "the shakles" of Led Zeppelin.

I wil continue in a minute, let me read my notes.

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I managed to capture some of the same stuff, bigzep fan, as follows (wish I could type faster too!):

Robert when talking about Zeppelin and why he doesn't want to do it all again:

"You need to guard the discretion of what you did in the past"

"The reason it ended is because we were incomplete, and we've been incomplete for 28 years now"

"To visit old ground is a delicate thing to do."

"(Led Zeppelin) It was fired by youth and a different kind of enthusiasm from now"

Also - the presenter confirmed that the interview will be made available online so you can listen to it again.

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Robert joked that when asked to apply for the CBE, he looked at the boxes to check yes or no. Then when he saw that it was for his contributions to music, he decided to go for it.

He joked that he should wait for the knighthood after Elton John called him and he thought, hmm, Sir Elton John.

He commented that America has a thing about royalty, and he said "America has the greatest royal on the planet right now."

He said he can understand the interest in a Led Zeppelin reunion. He said that you have to guard the reputation that you had in the past and not risk tarnishing it. He said you can't go out without a new makeover, a fresh start. If you don't and just visit "the old grand delicate thing" you risk disappointment. "You can't meet exhuberence head on as to what you had."

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