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I have no idea who it refers to, but the suggestion of it being Eddie Kramer makes perfect sense to me.

Agreed...was listening to some boot (can't remember which) from '73 and in between songs Robert says something to the effect of "more monitiors...Eddie?"

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As an aside, during Robert's performance of Black Dog with Strange Sensation, he used to say "Listen to this Eddie" as well. Though the name changed depending on the country he was in :D

Yes - just heard this recently. I think it was Vancouver 2005.

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Yep, I remember Plant saying it both nights at the Greek that tour.

As for "Eddie"...I never for a moment believed "Listen to this Eddie" referred

to Eddie Van Halen as the comments Eddie made regarding the deteriation of

Jimmy's playing weren't made until years after the bootleg's appearance.

That leaves Eddie Kramer and a friend of Mike Millard's named Eddie.

Weighing all the evidence and possible scenarios, I am going to say that I am

99.9% sure that "Eddie" is a friend of Mike's.

I remember seeing a photo of the cassette box that Mike sent out...it just seems

more likely that Mike would send a tape to his friend, who just happened to be

named Eddie. Then, in the 80's as more copies spread out and the bootleg companies

flooded the marketplace with cd's, I think people just naturally assumed the name

"Eddie" was referring to either of the more famous Eddies: Van Halen and Kramer.

I just don't see Mike sending a tape to Eddie Kramer...how did he know that Kramer

wouldn't track him down and call johnny law, forcing him to give up his tapes?

I am sure it makes the story more "intriguing" or "cool" if it was Eddie Van Halen

and/or Eddie Kramer that "Listen to this Eddie" was named after, but it just does

not compute.

Quick question re the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd Millard tapes...do they go by

any specific title?

I have two old vinyl record boots of the Stones July 1975 LA Forum shows called

"The Rolling Stones: 1975 Tour of the Americas Part One" and "Charlie Watts and

His Fabulous Rolling Stones: 1975 Tour of the Americas Part Two".

They are obviously from an audience tape source and I was wondering if these

were one of Mike Millard's tapes?

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