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Favorite Led Zeppelin Studio Album

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Here's a link to a poll being conducted by a friend of mine over on his music blog. He wants you to vote on you favorite Led Zeppelin studio album ever. The poll ends in 5 days. The poll is on the right side. Not a lot of votes yet but Physical Graffiti has the early lead. That got my vote. Shortly after the poll ends, he will write a feature on Led Zeppelin with a few YouTube links. This is being done in regard to the 40th anniversary of the first album. I have assisted the blogger with video suggestions and a bit of back ground info.

The blog contains a lot of pieces on Bob Dylan, Elvis, The Stones, Neil Youn, Led Zeppelin and such. It is quite well written and I think most will enjoy it. Thanks and dont' forget to vote!


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Thanks. I still think PG is their best album. I thought it might have been better if my friend had included the three live albums being TSRTS, BBC and HTWWW, but this is fine as well. I'll put a notice up here when the results are in and he has his Zeppelin blog piece.

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