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The Beatles Rooftop Concert


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How's it going "Jahfin" as well as our fellow die hard hard core ZEPPELIN fanatics? I hope that the weekend is treating all of you well. In my opinion, The Rooftop Concert at the end of "LET IT BE" was worth the price alone. That concert would silence the music critics and prove once and for all, that THE BEATLES could truly kick ass and Rock out. It is also my opinion that the Rooftop Concert in "LET IT BE" should have been made into a 2 hour concert movie. I own 2 bootleg CD's on the Rooftop Concert alone. The first one, "THE BEATLES, THE "LET IT BE" REHEARSALS, VOL. 1, THE COMPLETE ROOFTOP CONCERT, 30 JANUARY 1969" was released in 1992 on the Yellow Dog Records label. This CD sounds great. The second one I found was last year (2008) on the Dr. Ebbetts Label entitled "THE BEATLES, LAST LICKS LIVE (THE ROOFTOP CONCERT)." If any of you thought that any of the other previous releases on this concert was great, wait till you hear this one. The Dr. Ebbetts version of this legendary Rooftop Concert has brought that memorable day on 30 Januaty 1969 back to life with an incredible sound never heard on any of the other previous releases until now. The song line-up of THE BEATLES' legendary Rooftop Concert is as follows:

(1.) Get Back (One)

(2.) Get Back (Two)

(3.) Don't Let Me Down (One)

(4.) I've Got A Feeling (One)

(5.) One After 909

(6.) Dig A Pony

(7.) I've Got A Feeling (Two)

(8.) Don't et Me Down (Two)

(9) Get Back (Three)

The book entitled "SHOUT! THE BEATLES IN THEIR GENERATION" written, revised and updated in 2005 (Originally released in 1981) by Philip Norman, summed up THE BEATLES' Rooftop Concert at the end of the 60's perfectly in the last paragraph on page 449 as follows:

It was the rooftop concert with their hair blowing into their eyes with Ringo in a red plastic raincoat, George in Green trousers, John in a ladies' short fur coat and Paul wearing a dark suit and sporting a beard and moustache. It was four musicians playing together as no four musicians ever could or ever would again. For one last time, playing together live in public, they were THE BEATLES on that magical day. ROCK ON!

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