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As always ,my sincere thanks to all who are replying to my post. I am still following the post. As noted ,a refund will be in the offering. Like some who posted though ,man , I would hate to return this Guitar only to find that it was authentic but having an inaccurate story of the when and where signed. If that was the case I would be forever kicking my you know what. I have a music room in my house where only I venture. It is my little place to escape the world and enjoy life in my own special way. Once in that place I choose depending on my mood , I play ,Guitar , Saxophone and Classical Flute (last one keeps me grounded in proper stucture of music). Anyway I have many great things in the room that I know to be authentic including from Jazz greats ,John Coltrane, Stan Getz etc. On one wall I also have Guitars (authentic) signed by all of Van Halen in the 90,s and one by all of Aerosmith a few years ago . If authentic this Zeppelin Guitar would be on that wall. If I returned it only to find out it was authentic I would have on hell of a unfillable space on that wall. The Zeppelinn Guitar would literally be the crown jewel of the collection even though I also have a signed on the body Randy Rhoads guitar (authentic).

I am sill pulling out all stops before reluctantly returning it. Anyone know who Jimmy's present management group is ? Pehraps if they confirm that he has never signed Zoso on a guitar that would settle it all.

Take Care All,


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One for the samples file. This Jimmy Page signed guitar is currently for sale by a music memorabillia seller. They gurantee the Page signature on the Guitar. This Guitar is signed by Jimmy Page only and the asking price on their website is several thousand dollars. It has a unique and useful Jimmy Page Signature though to store in your sample files.


Many Thanks All

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