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I love all the people who think that if a woman becomes pregnant, be it through her own stupidity (no protection) or someone else's (birth control fails, rape, incest).....she should be forced to remain pregnant even if she doesn't want to be. Basically the idea that a woman's uterus is not her own and that what happens with it is not her choice.

I don't agree with what this thread was started about, I think at a certain stage in the pregnancy abortion should only be used in life-or-death situations. Once the fetus is viable outside the womb, that's that. The decision to have or not have an abortion should be made long before that stage arrives.

If I become pregnant and I decide I no longer want to be pregnant, no matter the means by which I got pregnant......I'm going to end that pregnancy. No one has a right to make decisions about my reproductive freedoms except me and my doctor.

I respect a person's right to have a differing opinion on the subject, but where I draw the line is when you want your moral or religious opinion to become or effect the law. Sorry. I won't accept that. The right to choose does not force people who don't agree with abortions to have them. It is exactly what it says it is. The right to a choice. You can exercise it or you can not exercise it. Don't take that choice away from others just because your personal value system says it's wrong. It doesn't work like that and it should NEVER work like that. Religion doesn't belong in our laws.


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The MOST Dangerous place for a child in the United States ......

Is in the womb.

The Death Rate there for children, is VERY High you see.....

Or, perhaps you don't see it, as it's done out of sight, not in an alley, but in a Govt, funded facility.

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