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John Paul Jones Joins Julie Felix On New CD


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JPJ Joins Julie Felix On New CD


New York, January 30, 2009

'Masters of War: The Music of Bob Dylan sung by Julie Felix' featuring special guest musician John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin)

Umbrello Records is very proud to present the new album from legendary folk singer Julie Felix featuring John Paul Jones on mandolin and octave mandola.

Julie Felix, a stunningly beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice, was a star of the magnitude of Joan Baez in the UK in the 1960s and has been associated with some of the world's most important musicians including Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen and Jimmy Page.

In 1966, Julie played with Bob Dylan at the immortal Isle of Wight concert. Now, over 4 decades later, she presents her first American album of Dylan songs.

Entitled Masters of War, the album includes Julie's stirring interpretations of eight Dylan classics including Mr. Tambourine Man, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Hard Rain, and I Shall Be Released.

Joining Julie Felix and John Paul Jones on Masters of War are some of the finest musicians in the UK, including Kiki Dee (additional vocals), Danny Thompson (bass guitar, featured guitars), and the John Renbourn String Quartet.

A complete track and musician listing can be found at: http://umbrellorecords.com/artists/felix/

Julie has always been passionate on the subject of war and remains so up to the present day, stating: "War is ugly. War is cruel. War claims the lives of thousands of innocent children and leaves in its wake broken dreams and broken lives including those of thousands of refugees. It deals devastating blows to Mother earth causing ecological disaster. It leaves deadly poisons in the soil and in the lungs of both soldiers and civilians."

All songs on the album Masters of War were composed by Bob Dylan and were produced by Julie Felix.

Available as both a CD and mp3 download on Amazon.com

The Tracks:

01 Masters of War 4:13

02 Mr. Tambourine Man 6:17

03 Sad Eyed Lady 8:11

04 Subteranean Blues 3:11

05 It's Alright 7:15

06 Hard Rain 8:14

07 The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll 5:00

08 Gates of Eden 6:26

09 I Shall Be Released 4:02

The Band:

Julie Felix - vocals, acoustic guitar

John Paul Jones - Mandolin, Octave Mandola

Noreen Brokke - Piano and Hammond organ

Danny Thompson - Featured guitars - Bass

Edd Frost - Drums

Ian James - Percussion

Kiki Dee - Additional vocals

John Renbourn String Quartet

The Sam Pearler Orchestra

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