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Vinyl Question


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Hi everyone. I was going through some old boxes and came across in particular these two records that I can't seem to get much info on. I've searched databases, websites and Ebay and can find nothing. I'm curious as to what their values might be.

The first is a 10" green vinyl that has Four Sticks and Gallow's Pole on Side 1 and Dazed and Confused on side 2. The recordings were from Copenhagen in 1971 and Staines in 1969. It is apparently made by Rock Solid Records.

The second vinyl is a 12" WHITE LP from one of the Osaka, Japan shows in 1972. It has a green cover and Japanese writing on the front. It has a white vinyl sticker in the cover, although it is still sealed.

Thanks for any help.

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Rock Solid Records manufactured bootleg vinyl albums in the late '80s. The 10" album

you described generally sells for around $30-$40. It's hard to say precisely what white label LP might be worth without confirming who manufactured it, but they generally sell

for $35.00 to $50.00.

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