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Rose Hill Drive cover Led Zeppelin II 12.31.2008


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Linky (the archive is a completely legit source of live recordings for Bands That Allow Taping):


Disc 1

(05:12) 01-Trans Am

(03:43) 02-Sneak Out

(04:06) 03-Man On Fire

(11:23) 04-Reptilian Blues

(05:50) 05-One Night Stand

(03:58) 06-Laughing in the Streets

(08:10) 07-8th Wonder

(01:46) 08-NYE Countdown

Disc 2

(06:30) 01-Whole Lotta Love

(04:44) 02-What is and What Should Never Be

(06:35) 03-The Lemon Song

(06:21) 04-Thank You

(06:02) 05-Heartbreaker

(03:33) 06-Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)

(05:02) 07-Ramble On

(05:50) 08-Moby Dick

(09:46) 09-Bring It on Home

(01:41) 10-encore break

(03:27) 11-Come On Everybody

(05:13) 12-Do You Want to Get High

(04:59) 13-I'm On to You

I can't let this go without the link to the awesome Immigrant Song the band recorded (and I taped), back in '06:


Here's a nice Communication Breakdown too:



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Great band.

Here's a link to their 2006 NYE show, they played Band Of Gypsys at that one.


I always have something going on that night. Wanted to check out their 2005 Zep I show but I had tix to all three shows the DBT did in Boulder that year. I was actually going to blow off the 12/31 DBT show and catch RHD but I got wasted at the St Julien Hotel NYE dinner.

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