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Avatar speaker cabs?


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Was checkin out the website. I am interested in the 2x12s, but I dunno where to start.

Greenbacks sound awesome, so I was leaning towards one of those, but I was thinking a mixed pair, as I have pretty steady access to a greenback loaded 4x12, but it's not mine, so I would like to get one of my own.

I have an Egnater Rebel 20 and Marshall JVM 50 watt combo I'll be using it with.

The Celestion Blues intrigue me. This could be way off the mark but, I thought it, paired with a greenback, would give me a kinda Marshallish Vox-y tone. Kinda the way Dean DeLeo, of STP uses AC30 through a greenback cab.

Anybody have any recommendations for somebody that like playing rock and roll, from a more classic rock sound to stuff about as heavy as Tool.

Just basically looking for a pair of great rock and roll speakers.

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