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Depends on what you call Sloppy - We have 1968-1973 Sloppy and then we have a lot of nights we're he just couldn't play a solo well, he couldn't keep up with the other members or he would just hammer on the same note for too long, and by the way, that's one of the reasons why i love his playing so much.

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I think Jimmy hit his peak in 75', after that the booze & drugs took their toll. That aside he was a brilliant live guitarist who I would consider to be a little sloppy (68 - 75) during his prime but still had a nice, loose technique. I also thought he was pretty good during the Firm years and was on fire in 98' on his lat tour with Robert. The O2 showed a very tight performance, some slowed down solos, but some amazing fretwork in originality on For Your Life, TUF, and SIBLY. He was really playing with tones to color his solos, especially FYL which I loved!!!

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Nah, O2 was a flop for Page.

I couldn't disagree more! Page dominated that stage, his tone was incredible and he even re-worked all the solos he'd done live for years into versions that resembled the album versions (for times sake I'm sure). I couldn't have been happier with his performance that night. Thank you Mr. Page!

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Great show, but not from the standpoint of lead guitar playing.

Geezer ,


How and in what way was his playing not great?

I have probably watched the DVD 25 times and am stunned by his playing, even the rehearsal SIBLY was just off the charts amazing to me!

Maybe I am just mesmerized by the man, after all he is a wizard, you know? ;)


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I am trying to wrap my mind around people saying that Jimmy Page is a Sloppy player. I think his playing is fantastic.

If he is Sloopy, then who else is, as that might give me an idea of what they mean?


His playing is badass and he's a kickass guitarist but he is sloppy. Listen to the solo in Heartbreaker. It's kinda sloppy but very cool.

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