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The Smashing Pumpkins Thread


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Hi guys,

are there any Pumpkins fans out there? I really enjoy this band, especially after the "Reunion" in 07

How's it going "audioservant" as well as our fellow die hard hard core ZEPPELIN fanatics? Its been a real busy day for me but its almost over for the day. I must confess, I am a Grunge Rock fan that does like a lot of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS material and you can thank my daughter Lydia for that since she is a SMASHING PUMPKINS fan as well as a die hard hard core BEATLES and ZEPPELIN fanatic. As for THE SMASHING PUMPKINS albums, I really like the SIAMESE DREAM, PISCES ISCARIOT and the MELLON COLLIE AND THE INFINITE SADNESS albums. ROCK ON!

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I think it's really a shame that so many people are mad at billy corgan because he calls the band Smashing Pumpkins again with only two members left. Billy himself said that its not a reunion because they are making new music and he names them pumpkins because it is his band...

And I think the new stuff rocks, just listen to FOL, the new Heavy Metal Machine version or the 30 min epic Gossamer... not many bands dare to do songs of that length and it is sad that they get such a bad feedbach from their fans, especially in Europe: I was at the concert in munich 2007 and the hall was half empty (at least...).. hope thy will nevertheless return and play smaller venues

At last I think you can compare the Pumpkins situation with Led Zeppelin in relation to all these reunion discussions. Isn't it the static view of so called fans that ruins it all, like it has to be like in the 70s (60 year olds please behave like 20 year olds) and please no musical development treating the past like an untouchable holy grail? This is what Robert denied about a reunion....and the Pumpkins suffer from this "holy grail past" too.

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The Smashing Pumpkins were an interesting little band when they started out

in the late-80's. They were like a wanna-be Jane's Addiction when Gish came

out, and even opened for Jane's.

Saw them at an early club gig(English Acid, a club in West Hollywood at the time)

and they definitely showed promise and looked forward to their next record.

When Siamese Dream finally came out years later, Billy was in his Uncle Fester

phase, having shaved his head. Lollapalooza and the grunge thing had already

changed the scene(no more "hair metal") and Smashing Pumpkins were beneficiaries

of the new times.

Of course, it helped that there were a few slamming tunes on "Siamese Dream",

and some cool guitar riffage.

But, live in concert, I noticed a few disturbing trends...trends that would become

full-blown problems by the next album, "Mellon coll...(oh I can't even be bothered

to write it all out)".

One was that Billy's voice frequently sucked in concert. Two was their apparent

wish to become Pink Floyd, often turning their songs into long, meandering jams

that halted whatever momentum the concert had built at that point.

"Mellon" might have made a listenable single disc, but Billy's ego was out of

control at this point; the Smashing Pumpkins were an IMPORTANT BAND and

every important band HAS to do a DOUBLE-ALBUM!

The show I saw them do at the Tibetan Freedom show in San Francisco's Golden

Gate park in '96 was boring, but the absolute NADIR was reached on the Adore

album and tour, which in LA was held at the Universal Amphitheatre. Excrutiatingly


After that, I stopped paying attention to them.

As for the reunion? For me, no James Iha, no D'Arcy, no Smashing Pumpkins.

It's just the Billy Corgan band at this point...might as well be the Billy Squire band

for all I care.

Oh, and I know someone who was part of the reunion shows in San Francisco

and apparently Billy's just a big a dick as always...maybe not quite Scott Stapp

levels, but close.

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Just saw the show in Philly on Saturday - they were awesome! Here's the setlist:




The "Stairway" cover was actually very well done. Unless you are in a LZ cover band, I don't know why you would go for straight reproduction of the song. In you're in a band like SP, you would do it your own way but be faithful to the overall sound - that's exactly what they did. It sounded great.

I hope they are back for good. Time will tell, I guess.


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