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As long as the next president of the United States does not vote for it, Im happy. and that will be Mark Kirk (R-IL) or Meg Whitman (Ebay CEO) who impressed me today when she announced she will run for Governor of California.

BAD BILL. I rather have no job and no loans than the Inflation this will cause.

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McCain lost the election based on he showed he had no clue on the economy.

Obama remained silent.

Sec. of Tres. Timmay (What are Taxes) Giether was jammed down our throats because he supposedly had a clue. He does not have a clue as Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) pointed out.

Neither does Obama really.

Atleast we know with McCain people weren't going to test us.

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No republicans voted for it in the house.


Obamas tax cut REDUCED to $400 from $500 a person in a form of stimulus check.


More money for BIG LABOR and AL GORE.


Dick Morris says this could be Obama's Iraq.


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I don't see you complaining about anything else. Most things I see, would help society. Police cars in Youngstown Ohio? They most likely need it.

When you put it so simply, I question whether you understand why so many people oppose this bill.

I'm not saying you DON'T understand, but it raises the question.

Will police cars in Youngstown Ohio stimulate the economy NOW?

Create new jobs NOW?

Things like that, that would help, are put into the normal budget, debated, agreed to or tossed out.

THIS bill is being rushed through, giving practically no time for anyone to see what exactly is included, much less debate on whether it's necessary RIGHT NOW to get our economy "jump-started."

They are mixing budget items as well as wish-list items that would NEVER make it through the normal budget process, and ramming it through while screaming "HURRY UP, WE'RE ABOUT TO LOSE EVERYTHING IF WE DON'T PASS THIS!"

It's like college kids paying for a pizza with a 29% APR credit card and still paying for that pizza for years.

This bill will be a burden on our children for years to come if it doesn't blow our economy up altogether.

It's not a question of whether certain items wouldn't be helpful.

It's a question of is it able to jumpstart the economy RIGHT NOW, not in 2010 when another round of elections are taking place for proponents of this bill to say "Look what we got done for you!"

And there's a ton of shit in there that isn't a good idea EVER.

Would you buy a car or house without reading the contract?

That's what they're basically trying to do with this bill.

"Don't worry about what's in it, just trust us - we've got to fix this NOW!"

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:huh: To question is to complain? Comrade!

Scary how quickly people seem to be assimilated, no? :rolleyes:

Obama keeps talking about how this bill will put more money back into the pockets of those who need it the most.

About $13 a week.

THAT'S gonna change the world, huh!

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I was quite impressed with John Boehner's speech. It was very theatrical, but equally true in context.

I heard some of it on radio and you could hear it plainly when he slammed the transcript down :lolo:

well played.

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Hi all,

Been done before,...fail.


Does anyone have grandchildren? How will they pay for it?

Can anyone smell the BS?

How about shovel ready?DPW?Unions?

"Only Government,..." :blink: (By the people,for the people) where did that go? :rolleyes: )

Oh,and thanks,you money-grabbing,elitist,UAH', morons in DC,mayor's and the other offal think of us.

Have a nice.


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Hi redrum,all,

I won't complain if I get 400 bucks.

Just make sure I get it every week with interest or I'll come and break your face. Got it?


Although now will say it,we are going to 'fix' everything? :slapface:

How so?When?Was not there a sign in NYC that tallied up the US National deficit?

You know,things we have yet to pay for,...

Now,our President with no sense of history,nor Congress thinks this is a good idea?



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