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Need your votes!


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I'm going to assume that most people here have heard of Arlo Guthrie, probably heard the song Alice's Restaurant and may have even seen the movie. (If not you should go rent it and watch it as it's fantastic.) In 2010, Masschusetts is going to get new quarters and people get to vote on what goes on the back of their quarter. You can vote for the church to be on the back of the quarter.

You just call this number: 1 800 227 6277

The extention number is 5, and just say The Guthrie Center in Housatonic after you listen to the little recording.

Everything is automated but really easy to navigate. You can vote anytime, anywhere. You don't have to live in Massachusetts to vote. There are plenty of good reasons to vote for the church. I could list them, but that might bore you.

Thanks for reading this,


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