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Your theme song


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I prefer this version--much more like trailer park rock!

The entire group looks like they're right outta the trailer park, ROFL.

My boyfriend has this Dodge Ram Charger (a truck, not a CHARGER) that's on a lift--it's a total hillbilly truck, and I always tell him that "Black Betty" is the theme song for driving around in it. LOL

Nice, make fun of people who aren't as fortunate as you. And you call me obnoxious?

BTW, everybody looked like that in 1978.

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It changes... sometimes it is just an instrumental piece... sometimes it is a bit of a groovy kinda thing... like sly and the family stone HAHAH!

and sometimes it is a bit of John, Paul, George and Ringoooooo! hehe

sometimes it is a bit of rock and/or roll...

a couple of times it's been Tracy Chapman...

Mostly it is some sort of nature soundtrack - but that isn't in my head...

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Right now it is probably One Of The Boys by Katy Perry.

Not because I like Katy Perry, but I'm sick of people thinking that I'm a fucking boy all the time. Even my dad says "you're one of the boys to me". He's taught me how to jumpstart a car and hitch a trailer but hasn't taught my brothers. The thing is, I'm very feminine and I just want the boys to stop thinking that I'm one of them. Not that there is anything wrong with boys... I'm just not one.

Otherwise, I'm sure there are many more relevant songs but I just can't come up with one that is profound enough at the moment.

There is nothing wrong for a female to be one of the boys and women should know how to do that stuff so they are not depending on men to do that. Good for you. :D

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