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Led Zeppelin & Lord of The Rings trilogy

Led Zeppelin & Lord of The Rings trilogy  

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  1. 1. Should Zeppelin lend their music for the Lord of The Rings Trilogy for music videos?

    • Yes
    • No

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Lend? As long as the compensation is reasonable, and the artistic quality is not compromised. But that is the problem. If Led Zeppelin are not pleased with the outcome of the film and yet are already previously committed to a deal to allow the use of their previously recorded songs, they may experience seller's remorse. And once a mortal sin has been committed, it cannot be undone.

On the other hand, if Jimmy Page agrees to write new music for a musical score as a movie soundtrack as he did for Death Wish III, that would be alright.

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I don't get it either. Have they been asked to lend their music? Seems way too late for that.

Yeah the boats sailed on that one.

I'm sure had the boys been asked to contribute to the soundtrack we would have heard about it one way or another.

On Ringers Lord Of The Fans DVD they talk about the Tolkien Zeppelin link.


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I'm thinking about just using clips from the movies put together with the songs, is that what you mean? People have done things like that on You Tube.

To answer the question: maybe.

A lot of the LOTR refrences in the music could be metaphorical for many things, so I think it depends on what parts of the movies are put with which songs...

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