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Zeps Light and Shade songs


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In your mind and ears, which song(s), do you think are some of Zeps heavy(shade) songs and which are thier Light songs.

I think that IMTODying is thier Heaviest song.

I think that the lightest song is Fool in the rain.

What do you use as a criteria when you think of thier Shade/Light song.

For me its lyrics and sonic intensity. Hats off to RHarper, is heavy in my mind lyrically.

Fool in the Rain to me is lightweight in my mind as well. Just the mood is happy-go-lucky.


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Interesting to hear other opinions on this but I alway's thought the bands heaviest song was Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. The lightest ? Dancing Day's would qualify for me. I'm sure someone will come up with another and I'll be going...oh ya :D

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