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  1. What is on this DVD. Is it just footage of rehersal on stage or is there backstage footage too? Can someone give some details and length. Forgive me if this has been reviewed in another area, I just didn't see it. Thanks!
  2. On which songs is there an acoustic guitar? I think Candy Store Rock is it and don't know that for sure. A little help?
  3. That's It! Wow, what a quick reply. Thanks Strider! What a great story that really paints a picture. Reminds me of a very similar experience I had with Zep IV when I got the album for my birthday. Even though it was 1974 it was still "new" to me and I was hooked! The rest is history. Thanks! B
  4. Hey all, About a year ago I read a fantastic review here from a forum member that wrote a detailed story about his hearing Zep I for the first time when it came out. I can't seem to find it and was hoping for some help in locating it or at least the forum member that wrote it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. B