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  1. I've now realized that I've uploaded a duplicate table yesterday; here's the tables for all my 9 box sets. Have a nice day.
  2. Hi everybody, this weekend I changed the poly-lined sleeves of all the LPs of the Super Deluxe box sets with others of better quality, and while doing the operation I've noticed something "weird": in several cases the product number printed on the sleeve/jacket of my LPs and CDs doesn't match with the product number printed on the discs. It seems that something in the packaging process went wrong and they "mixed" sleeves/jackets and discs intended for different markets (the LPs, no matter what is the product number, report "Manufactured in Germany". According to the informations I've found, they have been pressed by Pallas). Since I've bought the box sets from 3 different online shops in different countries (Amazon [Italy], Soundstage Direct [USA] and Music Direct [USA]; all box sets were brand new and sealed when I've received them and inside an extra foam filled carton box with some stickers from Warner Records), after some research and analysis I've found that: - Box sets containing discs with product numbers starting with "8122" were intended for European market; - Box sets containing discs with product numbers starting with "R1" or "R2" were intended for North America; - The product number of the books should match with the product number of the download card and (maybe) with the product number of the album CD, the product number of the companion CD and the product number of the companion LP. The album LPs always have a different product number, but that number should be coherent with the product numbers of the other discs (for example, in a box set intended for North America, all the discs have a product number starting with "R2", so the album LP should have a product number starting with "R1"; for European box sets the product numbers starts always with "8122"); - European box sets always include books with the American product number (it doesn't matter where they've been printed [mine have been printed in Italy and in USA]), so for these box sets the product number never matches the others described previously and a coherence is hence impossible to achieve; - In a couple of box sets intended for North America market, the product number of the discs, even if coherent with the one printed on the sleeve/jacket considering the intended market, doesn't match anyway (for example, some discs report a sleeve/jacket product number "R2-xxxxxx" but the disc they hold has a product number "R2-xxxxxx minus one"). So, what do you think about this thing? Has it happened to someone else of you? To check the product number you have to do the following: - For the books, take a look at the last printed page with the credits. The last part of the statement that starts with "201x Atlantic Records, etc." includes the product number; - The LPs and the CDs have always the product number printed on the side and, of course, on the label of the discs. "In through the out door" also has the product number printed on the brown paper sleeve; and - The download cards have the product number printed in the bottom part. The font is really small. Finally, I attach a series of tables I've composed to show you what product numbers I've found in my box sets. Thanks for your attention. Hope this thread can be useful even if I don't think I can do anything to "fix" in some way my situation.