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  1. There are no run out matrix on the albums. Yes the banter mentioned earlier about the beatniks Yes he does say that on side A between songs. Thank you for the help.
  2. Here are pics of the labels.
  3. Hello, This is my first time posting in this thread and I am a life long Led Zeppelin fan. I was looking for records at a garage sale last weekend like I always do and came across an interesting Led Zeppelin bootleg. The records were in a generic white sleeve and the songs were hand written on the labels. I of course recognized it as Led Zeppelin and bought the album but can't seem to find the show online and the record contains live covers I cannot find online. Now Side A has "September 73" but I cannot find record of Led Zeppelin playing a show during that time. The set list is: Side A: Immigrant Song Heartbreaker Since Ive Been Loving You Black Dog Side B: Dazed and Confused Side C: Stairway to Heaven Thats The Way Going To California Side D: Mary Lou She Left Me Blues I Want You Again this is a bootleg with hand written labels. Does anyone know what show this is and if I possibly found a rare recording? Thank You