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  1. Adam Jones is very underrated.
  2. Like I said, easy way to ruffle some feathers and get some real talk going.
  3. Right on man. I think what I really go for (other than Kiss because they just blew me away on stage but I don't like the music) is people who come out and really get into improv rather than trying to sound like they do in the studio but it's all subjective to what you want from that said band.
  4. So do you guys form this opinion from studio albums only? That is really a poor way to judge a band imo. I mean autotune can make me sound like Axl Rose or Muddy Waters depending on what I'm going for. Phish Grateful Dead Pink Floyd The Who Kiss (I don't like the music a ton but they put on probably the best show stage wise) Talking Heads
  5. Nah. I just wanted to get some of you guys riled up. Putting a ridiculous list is an easy way to do it That being said I think Page is very good but he's far from my favorite. My favorite guitar players would be Trey Anastasio David Gilmour Robert Fripp Mark Knopfler Duane Allman Larry Campbell (love his diversity) Dimebag Darrell Mikael Akerfeldt Paul Waggoner Pat Metheny
  6. I mean they are so few and far between but there are some what say you?
  7. G n R live in Tokyo.
  8. Kirk Hammett The Edge Slash Zakk Wylde