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  1. 9 September in Boston - John Paul Jones does a mandolin tremolo during "That's the Way" and also John Paul Jones does a wicked "Organ Solo" too.
  2. 6-13-1977 - MSG which John Paul Jones performs a boogie woogie during the lounge jam section.
  3. "Boogie with Stu" is a boogie woogie acoustic Led Zeppelin song with both boogie woogie piano and mandolin which it was recorded in 1970 from a Led Zeppelin IV outtake during the 1970-1971 period.
  4. I like the 1970 acoustic set from the 1970 summer U.S. Tour and my favorite part of the 1970 acoustic set from the 1970 summer U.S. Tour is the Boston, MA - (September 9th, 1970) when Jonesy does a mandolin tremolo on "That's the Way", and again on the MSG at New York - (The 1st Show) - (September 19th, 1970).
  5. The lounge jam section where a boogie woogie piano solo starts and the drums comes in as the piano solo kicks in and then the guitar solo kicks in over the piano and drums that occurs during "No Quarter" from the 1977 tour.