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  1. Yes, there are definately some people out there that call themselves 'fans' and feel as if Led Zeppelin owe them and deserve a tour. But, they are in the minority. They get all the attention because they WHINE the loudest, like spoiled brats. It's an unfortunate side effect of todays 'on demand' mentality. (Hell, back in my day, we waited for days in ticket lines, in 10 ft snowbanks .... jk :rolleyes: )

    Being 60ish or having young children is not a reason for them to stop what they've spent their lifetime doing. The only reason why they 'shouldn't' tour is either health concerns, they just don't want to or can't do it.

    They all look to be very healthy and fit, better than we've seen in a long time. I have no doubt, that their chops are up to max and will deliver a stunningly, brilliant performance at the 02. From the interviews I've read and seen of all 4 members, Robert is just as thrilled about the Led Zeppelin Reunion as Jimmy, Jonesy and Jason. Extending it into something more than one gig ... I think he has valid concerns. The main one being, is his commitment to Allison, T-Bone and the band. They're already talking about going back into the studio in January. Between recording, rehearsals and their tour, (I think he has something going on with Strange Sensation, too) a 2008 Led Zeppelin tour would be a real juggling act. I'm sure he feels like a pickle in the middle. If a Led Zeppelin tour happens, I think it will be toward year end or possibly in 2009.

    yes but due to the fact all the members are never under any contractual agreements now-adays that i'm aware of (possibly a foriegner tour for bonham thats winding down ) puts them in a position to do as they please and if it feels right at the moments they're together then more power too them i think they will only do it due to this fact and also would donate proceeds at least some to different charities each one has supported over the years such as casa de jimmy big sisters etc.
  2. OK we know that plant many years ago said he would never do zeppelin songs again then on tall cool one gave us some sampling of zeppelin to tease us ,get the interest up again, then came live aid or maybe it was the other way around, then atlantic records 40 th ,then jason bonham 's wedding ,stairway on japanese television interview then bam page/plant blah blah blah ....so a tour would be great ,in my opinion is it's going to happen.There has always been many inconsistences with plant over the years and not to be taken as leading us on ,They are spoken from that particuliar moment of life. know one knows the future holds hell we would have never had thought pagey would break his finger ( and for you idiots that like to bring up the zeppelin curse go to he #@@) and the show would be post poned so sit back and enjoy the unfolding of whatever happens. hell this web site finally being up and running properly since the dvd release and how the west was won release. t's awesome with me, so let's just let the ZEPPELIN move in and show the new crap three cord reject bands now-adays how to do music right >> where you'll never have to worry about who's downloading your music for free<Because if you make music that will always sell a million copies or more then you will never care about downloADING OR have to worry about free downloads ZEPPELIN is a testiment to that ,still selling even though they have the honor of the most bootlegged band ever


  3. ok this is exactly as it reads on page 106 or guitar world magazine last paragraph of interview with JP "GW what's the prevailing mood? Do you think the reunion will extend to other shows ?

    Page " I don't know. I've heard Robert Plant doesn't think it will ,but it's a bit silly because there is such a massive demand.It's a bit selfish to do just one show.If that's it,we probably shouldn't have let the genie out of the bottle". and if you remember correctly robert plant up until the day of the announcement for the o2 show denied a reunion saying there wouldn't been enough doctors to support a tour I do believe it will extend to other cities with some of the proceeds going to the ahmet charity or others that jp etc have supported over the years anyhow what ever the Boys of Zep decide to do i'm behind them 100% i love all thier songs and music each piece is unique in it's own individual way that what keeps them on Top even 27 years after Bonzo's death i hate when people ask what your fav Zep song is ,my answer wiil always be all of them

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