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  1. However if they all did give a sh*t then there would be disused railways absolutely everywhere, old abandoned buildings and mills everywhere, old churches everywhere. And there already is all those things everywhere, but imagine more, and I mean loads more! It is always a shame to lose an awesome landmark, but so long as they don't start knocking Stone Henge down for a multi-storey shopping mall then I guess we can live with it.

    They will probably start charging admission fee's for stonehenge once they think of it at the solstices and equinox's

  2. Cofa, I sincerely hope it's possible to lobby somehow to maintain tradition with the help of local community/Industry ....I am not familiar with U.K. at all.......

    addendum: Perhaps, New Development can somehow honor original Tradition...clarification...

    No one in power in our country gives a s**t about history and tradition anymore. They won't even give us a vote as to whether we want to be part of Europe diplomatically. I think the majority of us Brits would vote against it anyway, sorry for talking politics folks .:slapface:

  3. I drove through Cutnall Green yesterday and was shocked to see that The New Inn (Bonzo’s local featured in The Song Remains the Same) was half demolished. I did some digging on the internet when I got home and it seems it has been closed for some months. Like so many other small village pubs it seems it has finally succumbed to poor pub trading conditions and called time. A search of the local planning applications shows that the building is being completely redeveloped into an upmarket Indian restaurant.

    Very Sad! Not just yet another local boozer lost, but this time a piece of Led Zeppelin history as well.

    I wonder if the smoking ban had anything to do with the closure? Do you think Bonzo would have stood outside to smoke a bifter

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