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  1. I think Houses is one great piece of art musically. But I feel that my least favorite album is 'In Through The Out Door'. All though, there are a few great toon's on it. CODA is actually pretty good.
  2. Wow!! I am very impressed. It goes to show you how easily these young brains absorb. And we all know how quickly children learn.
  3. That was a cool take on Rock 'n' Roll. I love the guys voice too.
  4. Welcome to the board! Glad to hear that 17 year olds appreciate GREAT music like Zepp. I saw them live when I was 17 yrs. old in L.A. in 1977. That was the last time they played here.
  5. Hey Joe is on Roberts 'Dreamland' CD which came out before 'Mighty Rearanger". I believe he was playing with his band The Strange Sensation.
  6. Oh, this is so true. I think I do ALL of the above! And alot of things that others are posting too. This is toooo funny. Get the led out man!
  7. Watch it on line if you can. If not, I'd have no idea how to get a transcript. He is quite hillarious. I adore him!
  8. Just watched it. That was totally craig! He was talking a good deal about Zeppelin in a positive way. Throwing in a few jokes about Roberts age. Pretty funny. He didn't diss Jimmy. If he did than he dissed Robert when joking about his age. You can watch the full episode if you want to see it for yourself and then decide. Go to: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson The show to watch was on Jan. 07, 2009. It's worth a watch.
  9. Conan used to be my fave until I was flipping through the channels during commercials and found Craig. He is now my favorite and his humor is original and hillarious. Especially his stand-up work. If he made a rude comment about Jimmy in a mean way that's one thing. But being his usual crazy self, he probably meant for it to sound rude but just a joke. I didn't see it so I'm not aware of his dimeaner at the time. (facial expresions and wierd little sayings). That gives him away totally. I'll look for it on the web. Hope he wasn't really putting jimmy down......OR ELSE!!!!!!!
  10. Happy Birthday Jimmy! Like many others, I would like to thank you for giving the music world the BEST of the BEST!!! From your first album (I was only nine) until your last, I have been in awe of the talent you posess and how much you have inspired me in my own music. Your songs have touched my soul And continue to do so EVERY time I listen to them. THANK YOU for sharing your music with the world. XOXOXOOXXXXXXXXXXXXOXOOOOXXXXXX
  11. She has a very nice voice. It is sad that she is gone. But compared to the Original by Zep, no comparrison. It doesn't move me the way Zeppelin does.
  12. Yeah. I miss evster and all the info he brought. I can see why he left I guess. Oh well, as long as we still have a few people left who have the knowledge and info that we so desire.
  13. I'll be hoping right along with you!! But Robert will do what is best for HIM. So be it, life goes on and all of that other good stuff.
  14. Yes I see it too. I was welcomed the same way as a newbie. Fuck-um. They get off on this sort of thing.
  15. So does 'That 70's Show'. For one season, each episode had the name of a Zepppelin song.
  16. OMG......that is freaking hillarious! I thought a while ago they should bring Ann on board. And Nancy for some back up guitar and Mandolin work. After all. They do Zeppelin GREAT
  17. A very creative idea. And it does leave the door open for Robert (if he feels like singing a tune or so). But he'll have to do it for sure in Calif. Because if Robert shows up somewhere else and not here.........I'll just have to cry. :'(
  18. Thank you for the input! I originally wanted it on my ankle, but my daughters said it's super painful. But it's really painful on the wrist too I'm pretty sure.
  19. I know it's so appropriate. But that would be like nameing the band after the person who left. That Golden God as he is sometimes called. And Percyless, unplanted etc... so hillarious!!! Since Robert is out, well...... I dunno. They're still Led Zeppelin to me.
  20. Yeah you're right. I never really thought they would. But I guess you never know. Floyd kept their name without Waters, even though I think it went to court and Gilmore won. Thats happened with some other bands too. So I say......Keep the name. The songs are the same, and I'm sure a few new ones. (Hopefully).
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