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  1. 20 hours ago, Sue Dounim said:

    Im gonna regret saying anything but I love them. One of the coolest things about the 77 tour if you ask me

    When I first got Destroyer on vinyl sometime around 1980 when I was in high school, I struggled with the whole thing until I got to the Theremin solo. It blew my little psychedelic mind away. 

    I love the Theremin solos of the 1977 tour. They were ahead of their time. I don't feel the same way about the noodling before or the bow after. The Theremin solo of 6/25 is my current favorite. 

    There is just something otherworldly about the echoes he gets. I love it to no end. The thought of those sounds bouncing around an arena are just breathtaking to me. I want to create a compilation of them someday.

  2. Jonesy did it. He's done tons of orchestral writing. Check out the last couple of minutes of 'Snake Eyes' from 'Zooma' where he turns the blues into a Stravinsky-esque fugetta with a string orchestra. He's got a LOT of talent has Jones.

    One of his gripes during the P&P era (other than not being invited and the fact it was called 'No Quarter') was that they nicked borrowed his orchestral arrangements for Kashmir and The Rain Song.


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  3. In the late 70's/early 80's there was a legendary record store in downtown Tempe called Roads To Moscow.

    One day I asked the owner if he had any more Zeppelin vinyl coming in and he began to look around nervously. He pulled out a milk crate full of boots and said "Don't tell anyone." That day I bought the original Destroyer.

    Six months later I stop in the store and every rack, and I mean every one, had been magically transformed to bootlegs. Almost all by Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Stones. And some Beatles. I bought the first two Knebworths.

    I took a break from buying boots, taken aback by the horrendous sound of the Knebworth lps. I was soon back on track after buying an amazing recording of one of the original The Wall performances. I do mean amazing.

    Soon thereafter I bought My Brain Hurts, Bonzo's Birthday Party, Montreal '75 (with cover featuring HR Giger of Alien fame, along with a an image of (I assume) Giger reclining next to one of his images. Bizarre.), and Bonzo's Last Stand.

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    Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


  4. Here are my fifty favorite guitar solos of all time.

    The list is not necessarily representative of bands that are my favorites. It is simply my personal definitive list of guitar solos that, through emotion or technical facility, are my favorites. In order.

    Numbers 28, 29, and 30 are what I call the "Anti-Solos." When I first heard them I hated them with a passion. For years. Then, over time, I began to see their beauty, even if they were still counter-intuitive and stark.

    If Jimmy Page appears underrepresented here, it may be because I love him more for his songwriting and producing skills.

    And while I do not love any of these bands more than Led Zeppelin, I can say with certainty that guitarists like the Edge, Alex Lifeson, Randy Rhoads and Allan Holdsworth have the uncanny ability to deliver guitar solos that leave me stunned and breathless.

    Every time.

    50. Alone Again George Lynch Dokken

    49. Lay It Down Warren DiMartini Ratt

    48. Rainbow In The Dark Vivian Campbell Dio

    47. Looks That Kill Mick Mars Motley Crue

    46. You’re All I’ve Got Tonight Elliot Easton The Cars

    45. Communication Breakdown Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

    44. Deuce (live) Ace Frehley Kiss

    43. The Spirit of Radio Alex Lifeson Rush

    42. Punk Rock Classic John Frusciante Red Hot Chili Peppers

    41. Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh Joe Walsh

    40. Haitian Divorce Dean Parks Steely Dan

    39. Jesus Just Left Chicago Billy F**ckin’ Gibbons ZZ Top

    38. Home Martin Gore Depeche Mode

    37. Caught In A Dream Glen Buxton Alice Cooper

    36. The Rover Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

    35. Third Stone From The Sun Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix

    34. Too Many People Hugh McCracken Paul McCartney

    33. Talk To Ya Later Steve Lukather The Tubes

    32. Mountain Song David Navarro Jane’s Addiction

    31. Bullet The Blue Sky The Edge U2

    30. The Loco-Motion Mark Farner Grand Funk Railroad

    29. Driven To Tears Andy Summers The Police

    28. Shadows Of The Night Neil Giraldo Pat Benatar

    27. Tom Sawyer Alex Lifeson Rush

    26. Heartbreaker Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

    25. Dazed And Confused Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

    24. Otherside John Frusciante Red Hot Chili Peppers

    23. Don’t Forget Me John Frusciante Red Hot Chili Peppers

    22. Was There? Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth

    21. Sand Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth

    20. Neal And Jack And Me Robert Fripp King Crimson

    19. Mean Streets (intro) Edward Van Halen Van Halen

    18. Too Young To Fall In Love Mick Mars Motley Crue

    17. The Thing That Should Not Be Kirk Hammett Metallica

    16. Bulls On Parade Tom Morello Rage Against The Machine

    15. Stick It Out Alex Lifeson Rush

    14. Believer (live) Randy Rhoads Blizzard of Ozz

    13. Subdivisions Alex Lifeson Rush

    12. Metal Fatigue Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth

    11. The Garden Slash Guns N’ Roses

    10. Hocus Pocus Jan Akkerman Focus

    9. In God’s Country The Edge U2

    8. New Years Day The Edge U2

    7. Limelight Alex Lifeson Rush

    6. Because It’s There Michael Hedges Michael Hedges

    5. Devil Take The Hindmost Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth

    4. One Foot Out The Door Edward Van Halen Van Halen

    3. Lay Lady Lay Mike Scaccia Ministry

    2. Flying High Again Randy Rhoads Blizzard of Ozz

    1. Ease Steve Vai PIL

    Edit: Hmm. Any idea how to paste a word document so I can maintain the columns?

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    Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.



  5. 1. Django Unchained

    2. Zero Dark Thirty

    3. Silver Linings Playbook

    4. The Hobbit

    5. The Guilt Trip

    6. Les Misérables

    Wow! Zero Dark Thirty isn't showing here yet. What did you like about it? Can't wait to see it.

    Did you enjoy "What Is And What Should Never Be" from Silver Linings?

    In The Light since 1972.

    Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


  6. For the last several years I have been documenting the films I see in the theater in a given year. I saw 35 in 2012, a personal record.

    My recommendations are in bold.

    Happy New Year!

    Mission: Impossible. Imax. Arizona Mills. 1/21/12.

    Young Adult. Tempe Marketplace/13. 1/26/12.

    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Arizona Mills/13. 2/16/12.

    Oscar-Nominated Animated Short Films. Valley Art. 2/23/12.

    The Artist. Camelview/5. 2/25/12.

    Being Flynn. Camelview/2. 3/22/12.

    Casa De Mi Padre. Arizona Mills/10. 3/31/12.

    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Camelview/2. 4/7/12.

    The Hunger Games. Tempe Marketplace/10. 4/19/12.

    Damsels in Distress. Camelview/5. 4/21/12.

    Marley. Valley Art. 5/3/12.

    The Dictator. Tempe Marketplace/11. 5/26/12.

    Bernie. Camelview/2. 5/28/12.

    Prometheus. Imax 3D. 6/8/12.

    Bill W. Harkins Shea/14. 6/9/12.

    Moonrise Kingdom. Camelview/2. 6/17/92.

    Savages. Tempe Marketplace/16. 7/7/12.

    Ted. Tempe Marketplace/9. 7/14/12.

    Take This Waltz. Camelview/1. 7/15/12.

    Beasts of the Southern Wild. Camelview/1. 8/4/12.

    The Campaign. Tempe Marketplace/7. 8/11/12.

    Killer Joe. Camelview/1. 9/8/12.

    The Master. Tempe Marketplace/8. 9/21/12.

    Celebration Day. Chandler Fashion Center/15. 10/17/12.

    Smashed. Camelview/5. 11/5/12.

    Flight. Tempe Marketplace/15. 11/8/12.

    Lincoln. Tempe Marketplace/16. 11/19/12.

    Psycho re-release. Valley Art. 11/22/12.

    Hitchcock. Camelview/3. 12/1/12

    Silver Linings Playbook. Tempe Marketplace/4. 12/2/12.

    Argo. Tempe Marketplace/6. 12/20/12.

    Hyde Park On The Hudson. Camelview/3. 12/23/12.

    Rust And Bone. Camelview/4. 12/25/12.

    Django Unchained. Tempe Marketplace/Cine Capri. 12/30/12.

    Skyfall. Tempe Marketplace/5. 12/31/12.


    1. The Master

    2. Moonrise Kingdom

    3. Flight

    4. Silver Linings Playbook

    5. Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Actor (all categories):

    1. Philip Seymour Hoffman/The Master

    2. Denzel Washington/Flight

    3. Amy Adams/The Master

    4. Daniel-Day Lewis/Lincoln

    5. Christoph Waltz/Django Unchained


    1. Paul Thomas Anderson/The Master

    2. Wes Anderson/Moonrise Kingdom

    3. Robert Zemeckis/Flight

    4. William Friedkin/Killer Joe

    5. Quentin Tarantino/Django Unchained

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  7. Great show Sat. night in Tampa. NIN's website had Jane's listed as support, but they actually headlined and closed the show. They opened with Three Days, Whores, Ain't No Right and Pigs In Zen. They played only songs from Nothing Shocking and Ritual... Played all of their favorites: Been Caught Stealing, Mountain Song, Standing In The Shower Thinking, Ocean Size, etc. Encore was Stop and Jane's Says. Dave Navarro was amazing and Perry was, well, Perry. His voice didn't seem as strong as on their last tour - but he is still an amazing frontman. Great to hear the original four together again. I don't know if they are flipping the headline part of the show, but it would be very difficult to come out after the energy and set list that Jane's put out.

    What show are you going to Wolfman?

    I saw the same tour in Phoenix front-row center. With Tom Morello's new band. Loved both bands. I was surprised that NIN was opening. I discovered both bands in very dramatic fashion the same winter of 1992.

    In The Light since 1972.

    Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


  8. Happily, the recent presidential election has demonstated that the angry white males who embarrass US conservatism (and these threads) are a shrinking bloc of voters whose influence is in terminal decline.


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  9. Hokey Smokes! It's like you're in my brain! :o

    Thanks Strider. Having seen your posts about movies I think we have a lot in common. Except I can't cook.

    Deconstructing Harry is my favorite because Allen's character is an abrasive, profane sex addict. His character is such a departure from his others that I just find it totally hilarious.

    In The Light since 1972.

    Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


  10. American Beauty is a wonderful album. I also lean toward more adrenaline-driven music but definitely appreciate this LP.

    I have been on a musician-memoir kick this last year. I read Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis (surprisingly good until the last 30 pages), Life

    by Keith Richards (excellent-the first 80 pages or so have nothing to do with the band-which I thought was interesting and pretty cool), One Train Later by Andy Summers (WOW! One of my favorite 20 books of all-time, regardless of genre, and I'm not the world's biggest Police fan), Not Dead And Not For Sale by Scott Weiland (ew), and Searching For The Sound by Phil Lesh, bassist for the Dead.

    The Lesh book is not that well-written, but the parallels between both them and Zeppelin are striking, particularly the toll substance abuse took once fame occurred and the tours and shows got bigger and bigger.

    I don't think it's either/or. There is plenty I dislike about the Grateful Dead, but American Beauty is stunning, in my opinion.

    In The Light since 1972.

    Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


  11. Annie Hall, la di da.

    Perfect, given your photo.

    My other favorites are:

    Match Point


    Purple Rose of Cairo

    Hannah and her Sisters

    Midnight in Paris

    Mighty Aphrodite

    Sweet and Lowdown


    Annie Hall

    Bullets Over Broadway

    Radio Days

    Manhattan Murder Mystery

    The films I was taken to as a kid when they were new in the theater:

    Take The Money And Run



    Annie Hall

    I've definitely been grateful for his two renaissances: Husbands And Wives (1992) to Sweet And Lowdown (1999), and Match Point (2005) to Midnight In Paris (2011).

    In The Light since 1972.

    Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


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