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  1. So happy to see people still loving the show he puts on.  I've seen him a handful of times and it's always a fantastic performance.


    He's also very high on my list of musicians that are worth meeting.  Normally I avoid meeting my heroes, don't wanna spoil it by catching them on a bad night. But every time we've crossed paths, Alice has always been so friendly and kind to everyone.  Top notch performer and person.

  2. Thank you!! :)  This is the only Zeppelin piece I've done since I was a teenager, but I'll definitely be doing another soon.  I tend not to do whole band pieces just because they're so big and difficult to store/ship.  But I've got a couple huge panels waiting for the right inspiration, and I can't think of better subjects.

    Most of my work lately is more 80s themed 'cause my husband is one of them, but if you don't mind big hair and eyeliner, I have a website with the rest. :P







  3. 3 hours ago, Strider said:

    Is that on black velvet? I know a place that would love to sell your work.

    I wish it was on velvet, oils don't play nice with the fuzzy fibers.  It's just on a regular canvas.

    I'm always up for new connections!  I'm about to hop on a flight to Costa Rica, but if you'd like to shoot me a message about it or pass my website on, I would love that. :)

  4. Hello everyone!  I stumbled on this amazing place a few months ago while I was working on a Zeppelin piece and keep coming back to read more, so I figured I might as well join and stop creeping on you all.

    I'm a painter from Las Vegas and spend all day every day locked away in my studio.  It's been ages since I was part of an actual forum, and I dunno how much I really have to contribute compared to some, but I love going back through all the in depth discussions and massive amount of information about one of my favorite bands.   So thank you for the lovely little distractions while the paint dries! :lol:

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