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  1. Info: Where, When and How Far Away you'll be seeing this and showtime.

    Cineworld, Chichester, West Sussex, England. About 3 miles away! 8.45pm.

    When you got your tickets, how much paid and how.

    Bought on the Cineworld website. £9 each. Bought 5 tickets in 3 purchases I think, for one reason or another. My treat!

    With whom will you be attending film (if you feel like saying)

    Father-in-law and 3 friends.

    Anticipation Level!

    Can't wait!!!!!

    Anything else!

    Got to run!

  2. cant stand jools holland and his boogie woogie horse shit!!!

    Thank you for that worthwhile contribution!

    You may not like his music but the guy is - in my opinion - a national treasure. And a genius of a piano player. Robert Plant - and a gazillion other world famous musicians - haven't played and recorded with him for no reason you know.

    Not the best TV presenter in the world but that's part of his charm if you ask me!

  3. Couldn't see this mentioned elsewhere but sorry if it has been.

    BBC 5 Live have just reported on last night's (?) Classic Rock awards. The reporter asked Jack Bruce about Led Zep and was shocked - to say the least - by his response.

    Let's just say it was venom (and four-letter word) filled... From memory, he said 'the drummer' (I dare say he can't remember his name) was the only good one in the band and that Jimmy is a 'crap' (I think was the word he chose) session player!!!

    Oh, and that he believes Cream were the real innovators and were overshadowed by Zep who (clearly, to Jack's mind) stole their idea (I'm paraphrasing here). Hence his hatred of all things Zep.

    Ha ha!! You gotta laugh. No wonder Eric Clapton can't be doing with any more Cream reunions!

    I saw Cream at The Albert Hall in 2005 and I'm still delighted I was there - but there's really no comparison with the mighty Zeppelin, I'm afraid. (In my opinion, I should say - and I should also point out I'm 33 so never got to see either band in their heyday).

    Listen back on the BBC iPlayer. It was at about 12.45 today.

    P.S. Good old Ozzy was far nicer - he said 'good luck to 'em' when asked about Jimmy, JPJ and Jason touring without Percy.

  4. I thought they rocked too., and glad just about everyone seemed to have a blast. :) For the UK fans, I just saw on the Foo Fighter's site (in the news section) that it looks like they'll be showing the Wembley shows in theaters soon:

    From www.foofighters.com...

    June 10, 2008 - Foo Fighters' Wembley Stadium Shows Hit the Big Screen!

    On June 24th, cinema audiences across the UK will come together to relive the historic Wembley Stadium gigs, or witness them for the first time. Vue Entertainment presents Foo Fighters' Sold Out Wembley Stadium shows in High Definition and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound at the local UK multiplex. The shows will be broadcast on Tuesday, June 24th at 20:40 on 50 Vue cinema screens across the UK, giving fans who were unable to get tickets to the shows a chance to experience the moment, or a chance to relive it for those who were there. This will be the only chance to see the concert on the big screen and in High Definition.

    Tickets go on sale from 9am GMT on Tuesday, June 10th via www.ticketmaster.co.uk/artist/967053, www.myvue.com/foofighters, by calling 08712 240 240 or directly from participating cinemas

    Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere!

    Thanks leding lady - I don't know about anyone else but I haven't read this anywhere else.

    My only concern would be whether or not JP & JPJ's appearance will be included. I listened to the show on the BBC site (after the event) and the 'Foo Zeppelin' bit was notable by its absence...

  5. A friend sent me a text from Wembley last night to tell me about this.

    I really don't like the foo fighters, and watching the youtube clips made me feel ok about missing it.

    Let's move on.

    Well, that told us, didn't it?!?

    I'm a HUGE Foo Fighters fan as well as a HUGE Zep fan... It IS possible, you know! I was lucky enough to meet Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins some years ago and two nicer, more down-to-earth guys you couldn't wish to meet. I was also lucky enough to see Dave on stage with Paul McCartney only the other Sunday in Liverpool. The guy's enthusiasm is unbelievable. The guy is just LOVING every single second, and who can blame him??

    And that's without mentioning his talent. How many drummers could escape the shadow of a HUGE band like Nirvana and go on to the level of success that he has? Not that commercial success is everything - I just happen to believe he's an amazing songwriter too.

    I can't believe any Zep fan would say he or she feels OK about missing JPJ and JP on stage at the weekend, no matter how much he or she disliked the band they were onstage with. But then that's just my opinion.

    Personally, I thought two members of Zep getting up with the Foos was HUGE news, but I should've expected it would be treated like an every day occurrence on this forum, with the amount of Dave Grohl bashing that has gone on on here before.

    Let's not move on! Come on people, surely this is worthy of discussion?!?

  6. nothing has been revealed as to when the DVD/CDs will be released. But they are expected to be released at some point.

    No reason to doubt you but I just wondered if anyone was aware of any official mention of an O2 CD or DVD?

    I've got to say I'm sceptical myself it'll happen in the next 25 years but I'd LOVE to be proved wrong... and hopefully quickly!

    The problem with releasing one show (as opposed to a mix of songs from different nights of a tour) is it 'has' to be warts 'n' all (though Jimmy's not adversed to a bit of studio trickery, is he?). Maybe this is part of the reason I'm sceptical it'll happen anytime soon?

  7. :hysterical:

    The real funny part of this post is the "You don't know shit...unless you do and I can kiss your ass" tone!

    That may be how you read what I actually wrote but I like to think the way I put it was just a little more courteous! Maybe there was a touch of irony in my post too that you missed...

    Other than that, I agree with the rest of what you had to say!

  8. It's a business meeting mate. They have had them regularly since 1980. Nowt new.

    With all due respect - unless of course you are a Zep insider, in which case I apologise - you don't know that this particular meeting is 'just' a business meeting any more than anyone else does.

    You're probably right, of course, but I can't imagine the O2 wouldn't come up in conversation at least, can you?

    Before you shoot me down in flames, I'm far from expecting a tour - in fact, quite the opposite. Then again, I didn't believe the reunion talk when I first heard it.

  9. Harvey Goldsmith has literally just been interviewed on BBC Breakfast (7.30am) along with a guy from ticket marketplace website www.getmein.com.

    Got to say, Mr Goldsmith really doesn't come across well... I get the impression he's in denial - you're never going to stop tickets being resold, in my opinion. I certainly don't think he's got the answers though, to be fair, at least he TRIED to do something about the problem with the O2 - even if he made a bit of a pig's ear of it.

    Hopefully the interview will be on the BBC website later.

  10. I've been following this thread and listening to the audience tape of this show (at least one of them, anyway) and I don't hear what all of you are yappin about. I just don't really hear the "mistake" in D&C. And I think some of you are just being anal for pointing it out.

    We don't need more anality when it comes to Zeppelin. We already have Page who is as anal as it comes when releasing any zep material.

    The only issues for this performance was the sound in general; bursts of feedback permeating Good Times/Bad Times and others which can easily be muted out if this ever gets released commercially.

    'Anality' - never heard that one before!

    Sorry, bluesunday, this discussion may not be to your tastes (so why no go read something else?) but whether you like it or not there IS a 'mistake' in D&C.

    The thing is though, what comes through most of all to me is not the 'anality' of my fellow boardmembers but the fact that everyone seems to agree that it really doesn't matter. That it's part of what makes a great live band great.

  11. I think the demographic for Zep wouldn't be too thrilled to see effeminate guys in tights doing acrobatics with eachother to Whole Lotta Love like something out of the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

    The 'demographic for Zep'??? You, you mean. Speak for yourself and your own prejudices... What a stupid thing to say! Have you actually been to the show??

    I saw the Love show this time last year and it was simply fantastic. My wife and I went with our parents and I was concerned it might not be everyone's cup of tea but everyone LOVED it. A true highlight of our Vegas trip...

    As for the soundtrack, I see no reason whatsoever why it couldn't work with Led Zeppelin and I know it's been mentioned before (though can't remember where). I get the impression Zeppelin/Pink Floyd would be next on the Cirque du Soleil's wish list.

    I'd LOVE it to happen with Zep though I'd hope Jimmy would be heavily involved - part of the success of the Love soundtrack lay in the fact George and Giles Martin produced it.

  12. Coverdale is a better singer than people give him credit for. He isn't just hair metal. He's been in the business almost as long as Plant and has strong blues-rock roots all the way back to Deep Purple.

    I wouldn't consider myself a Coverdale fan (see my last post above) but I have to say I have some sympathy with mos6507 here. Whether it's popular around here or not (and I admit it had some toe-curlingly bad moments amongst the great ones) I would offer the opinion that Coverdale/Page is probably the best thing Pagey's done since Zeppelin.

    David Coverdale deserves more respect amongst Zep fans than he gets, in my opinion. Anyone ever wondered how this makes Jimmy feel? I imagine he'd have been justifiably proud of his work on the C/P album, only for Zep fans to focus 100% on DC being a 'copycat' of Plant. (Maybe he is to an extent but isn't that the highest form of flattery?).

  13. If Led Zeppelin is not resuccitated next

    summer Jimmy goes back to napping on the couch. What the hell else is a 63 YEAR

    OLD ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist going to do, intructional videos? Celebrity signings?

    Funny you should mention instructional videos... Anyone else seen this?


    I've been hoping for a while that, once the O2's out of the way, Jimmy might pop up on there!

    Still, I'd rather have a Zep tour to look forward to. Or a non-Zep JP/JPJ/JB tour if that's what it comes down to. Jimmy says he's got a load of new stuff from the last few years that he's very proud of so I'd love to see it finished off by the three of them (presuming here there'd be no RP). Just no Chris Farlowe or David Coverdale on vocals, please...

  14. What is this? Is it legit or fake? What's the Ahmet New York Tribute from last year?


    Note it says


    and that, according to the interview in Q this month, JPJ played in the backing band at that gig. And JP/RP were in the audience - and this was before any talk of a reunion, which makes it interesting, if true.

    For a second I thought it said 'a book of the O2 concert'... Oh well!

  15. Let me start by saying I'm 32. Normally not relevant but I guess it is here.

    I saw The Police at Twickenham a couple of months ago. They were brilliant. Quite possibly the only band around that could reunite after 20-odd years - with the original line-up - and sound the same if not better. I'd say they've done their legacy no harm whatsoever. (And, as for not writing new material, maybe they will, maybe they won't, but their reunion is an ongoing concern - it's far from over yet).

    Cream. Saw them at The Albert Hall in 2005. Brilliant. Unlike The Police though, they sounded different but in a good way. Like a more grown-up version of their 60s selves. Kind of what I hope for when it comes to Zeppelin in 2007.

    Then again, I've seen The Who twice in recent years with my father-in-law, a die-hard fan of all forms of 70s rock, and yet the second time he honestly felt The Magic Numbers blew them away... They were very, very good, and took both of us by surprise. My point is, I'm not part of this slightly mythical 'nostalgia-obsessed' younger generation mentioned in the original post here. There is great music from all eras - believe it or not!

    I, for one, have no problem with bands reforming. What's more, I have no problem with their motivation (though in an ideal world I'd rather they were doing it for musical reasons). In fact, I'd actively encourage them to do it. And yet, I'm aware of the irony in the fact that I'm glad The Beatles never had the opportunity to ruin their legacy (especially in the 80s... what a horrible thought). But you can bet your bottom dollar I'd have been first in the queue for tickets had history panned out differently... And, of course, I wish Lennon had been given the chance.

    I hope Led Zep do tour. Of course I do - I'm a fan without a ticket for the O2.

  16. Unless you have perfect pitch I don't imagine it would bug you too much. Plant's voice has changed and he uses it differently, he doesn't try for those really high notes any more.

    As for having the instruments specially made, I don't see why they would need to do that. Guns n Roses played in Eb standard tuning with regular instruments, for example. Page might use slightly thicker gauge strings to sort out intonation, but it's not like he would need a baritone guitar!

    Cactus is quite right. I think this is a case of Chinese whispers born out of the fact that JPJ (at least) has had a new guitar made. I expect he just fancied a new bass to commemorate this one special gig. Even if Robert wanted to drop the songs down a semitone (which I doubt anyway), JPJ/JP wouldn't need new guitars.

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