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  1. Catch the Foo Fighters live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City

    on Tuesday April 12th at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.


    Just got done watching it live and they are now replaying it. It was great! They sounded so good! I hope it shows up on a torrent site so I have it to watch again and again and again.....The Foos are one of only a few bands that around today that sound great live.

    I have been listening to the new album for about a week now and it is great. It's one of their best albums and really rocks out. The doc movie Back and Forth was very interesting. I missed a few parts cause I fell asleep and tried to watch it again on Sat. night at Midnight and still didn't get to see it all. It will be out on dvd in June sold through Best Buy.

    I'm hoping to see them live this summer if they are near me within three hour drive or so.

  2. Tonight on VH1 at 9pm Cental Time they are showing the Foo Fighters movie Back and Forth on their Rock Docs series. You can also see them on SNL tommorrow night, 4/9/11. I have listened to their new album a few times now this week and I like it. If you missed it, you can listen for free here:


    not for sure how long the link will work and you will be able to listen for free.

  3. Thanks Magic and all who posted photos. I was not able to purchase the book due to its incredible high cost. $$$ Maybe he'll reprint this in paperback some day for us less fortunate! :slapface:

    Thanks again!!

    I heard last year in April that a lower cost version of the book (paperback or softback?) would become available. Who knows how long that will take for it to happen. Look how long it took Genesis to get to the book out to those who paid a lot of money for the limited edition copies.

  4. Blizzard conditions here in Central IL! UGH! Office was closed today or tommorrow due to weather so least I don't have to get out in the stuff. Most everything is closed down or closing down and later tonight no one will be allowed to drive in the city besides emergency vehicles. I just hope I don't loose power. My lights have already started flickering. Forcast calls for up to 20 inches of snow. We had sleet/ice yesterday and this morning. Blowing and drifting snow too. Fun in the midwest!

    Can't wait for Spring!

  5. They are awesome......

    What do you guys think of the Foos?

    I have all the Foo's cd's. I love them. Dave doesn't take himself too serious. I love him in Them Crooked Vultures. I never have seen the Foos in concert but would love too.

    I have their live feed they did about a year ago off the internet on my iPod too. It's the one where they just jammed for a couple hours in their studio. Dave was so funny as usual!

  6. I saw it. They were great!

    At the end of the show they were talking on camera and they were saying that they were only paid $10 or $20 for their first gig, and then were not paid at all for their second gig. They thought that this kind of payment was great at the time because their living expenses in Akron, Ohio were so cheap that they felt like they were doing all right.

    Edited to say: The drummer was really wailing on the drums! He kept breaking his drumsticks. He really can make a lot of sound on those drums. And it is awesome the full bodied sound that the guitarist gets out of his guitar! No need for more than the two band members. But they really sounded fantastic playing with a full band.

    They were great. It was cool how it was just of them playing on some songs and then some supporting players for other songs. It is amazing that much sound comes from just a guitar and drums when it's just them two.

    I saw the end too when they talked to the camera. They sound like down to earth guys.

    Over the weekend I saw a Cadillac commercial with their song "Next Girl" playing in the background. I love that song!

  7. (Led Zep Gurl - Peter Frampton)

    Thats very cool, have to admit I heard of his name but not his music, but I saw him support Deep Purple once and have to say the man was good :)

    I guess figured everyone knew who Peter Frampton is. He is an excellent guitar player and more than just a pop/teen idol star they made him out to be in the mid 70's. I was a fan of his when he was in Humble Pie.

    His long hair is gone but the man can still jam!

    Two of my favorites of his:

    and doing Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun:

  8. No luck for me. Tried presale day for Chicago gig Friday right at 10am and all that came up for me was balcony seats and I want something closer. Tried again when they went on sale for gen. public yesterday at noon and the same thing, only balcony. I can't understand how all the good seats can be sold already when you sign on right when they go on sale!

    I will check again closer to the show date as it seems some good seats come up a week before the show. Last time I saw Robert I was in the balcony at the Fox in St. Louis and I want something closer this time.

  9. The first concert I went to was Peter Frampton in Salina, IL in 1978 (I think) I was a Sophmore in High School. A bunch of my friends drove from a little town about 40 miles from Salina to go to the concert. Back then they were all general admission and I remember we stood on the floor the entire show. Can't remember who the opening group was. I still have the ticket stub somewhere. I have all my ticket stubs from after high school/college years till current but can't seem to locate the ones I went to while in high school. It was alot of fun. Memory is fuzzy on the show since it has been 33 years ago (OMG! :blink: ) First of many shows I saw in Salina and Wichita, KS in my younger days! I still listen to Peter Frampton to this day! Still love the double live album from 1976.

  10. Thank-you for the tips. I've bought lots of stuff off ebay and have had very good luck with the sellers I've dealt with. In fact, if I can't get it off Amazon new

    then I go to ebay not the amazon marketplace sellers.

    Is Ross the authors last name or is it that Ross Halfin guy? .....missy

    Yes it is Ross Halfin. From time to time that book will pop up on ebay at a good price. Check out your local Barnes and Nobel also. I picked up a couple Zep books there that are coffee table type books with pics in them for less than $20 on their sales tables. Can't remember the names of them right now, I'm at work.

    You can also check out your local lending public library to see what they have or what they can transfer in for you. I do that with some books to decide if I really want to buy it or not. If I like it, I'll buy it after that. You would be surprised how many Zep books they have on the shelve or can get for you from another library in your State or even out of state.

    Good luck with your search!

  11. I heard last April that a lower cost version of JP Genesis book would be available in the future. Not for sure what it would be but we can be hopeful.

    I really like The Photographers Led Zeppelin by Ross and Laurence Ratners book is good too. Both of these are out of print books but you can find them on ebay from time to time. I bought both of these last year off ebay. I had been looking/wanting the Ross book for a couple years and never could win the bid on ebay.

  12. In the last few months I have been listening to The Black Keys alot. I was able to download all their albums from torrents and really like them alot. They were on SNL this past Sat. night and on David Letterman Mon night but I missed viewing them via tv but did find their performances online. I know they were in Chicago New Years Eve at the Aaragon but I won't go see groups at that venue. Hard to get to, crappy parking, hot as He** inside during a Chicago winter and the sound sucks too. Hoping they come to St. Louis or Indy sometime in the future. Any other Black Keys fans on here?

  13. Is this it (just 15 dates) or will there be a second leg to this tour?

    I hope he will be adding more dates or another leg, I was hoping he would hit Indy or St. Louis on this tour! Even Chicago would be ok although I would rather drive to Indy or to St. Louis and it depends on what venue in Chicago also.

    Fingers and toes crossed he will add more dates.

  14. James Dylan

    Lead Vocals

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience

    I wonder if the other members of JBLZE are from the Virtual Zeppelin group off youtube? He sounds amazing! Can't wait to see other videos up on youtube of the first gig.

    hmmmm, now I should really go to the Merrillville, IN show...not for sure if I can get off work since it is on a Thursday and a 3 hour drive to Merrillville one way....would need to take two days off work..... :Thinking:

  15. I still find it amazing that when the missus and I saw Neil Young in Calgary a couple years back, we were able to walk right in- no searches, nothing. The kid at the door took our tickets and let us loose inside. Granted, Neil's not as anti taping, etc as Zeppelin was, but I was still surprised that in this hyperparanoid post 9/11 era today things were so lax. I've seen tighter security at hockey games... :blink:

    I think alot of it depends on the venue and who is playing at the gig. At the RP/AK show at the Fox in St. Louis, MO a couple years ago they just did a purse check and barely looked in it. The Fox didn't allow cameras but I did sneak mine in and did take one video of Robert performing Nothin'. At the TCV show in Indianapolis, IN at the Murat Centre in May of this year, total pat down was done on everyone and they rummaged through my mini bag I had. They announced what types of cameras you could take in and what they wouldn't allow in as far as cameras and other stuff but I could barely hear them annouce it and I was pretty much at the front of the line to get in. I did have my Sony Cyber Shot camera and was on the front row on the rail at this show and took video and pics through all of the show with the security in many of my video shots but my type of camera was ok to bring in but any HD DVD cameras were not and they did make people stop taping with those.

    I remember the good ole days when you could sneak about anything into a concert...... B):angel:

  16. I just bought Assemblage II this week and hope to receive it next week some time. Can't wait to view it. I am wondering if the Tokyo, Japan 9/23/71 youtube clip that showed up this past week is from this new dvd?? I have the first Assemblage dvd and it was great.

  17. can u buy this magazine online? or do i have to subscribe?

    Depending on where you live you can just pick up a copy at your local news stand/bookstore. Classic Rock and MOJO are both UK magazines, so it won't be in the States till 2-3 weeks or more after it is in the UK. Barnes and Noble should carry it since they carry MOJO.

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