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  1. Possibly it's because drugs & alcohol have cost him just about every significant relationship he's had in some form or another and he's living in a state of considerable denial? (Whilst he says he won't condone the use of drugs, he certainly hasn't ever really admitted that it caused him any damage or was a mistake in any shape or form, which is interesting in itself - just about everyone else who had similar problems in that period has admitted that they wished they'd never gone down that route. The first step and addict usually takes to recovery is admitting that they have a problem. It seems to me that Jimmy has somehow managed to bypass this stage).

    His drug use and it's consequences deeply compromised his working & personal relationship with Plant during the latter stages of Zep, and since.

    It deeply compromised his playing (and, arguably, his creativity) - at least one reason why nothing live post '75 has been officially released - and his health.

    His split with Charlotte Martin was at the most desperate stage of his addictions ('82-'83) - surely not a coincidence.

    I don't think it's just because of his young kids that he finally kicked the booze in about 2000-ish - it certainly didn't seem to bother him that much with his first two kids. I think Robert Plant probably made it pretty clear that Jimmy's continuing alcoholism (and possibly more) was a big sticking point in their continued working relationship (along with playing a mostly Zep set in huge stadiums, which he'd clearly had enough of), so he finally cleaned himself up totally in the grim hope that he could re-kindle that again. And now (supposition) he's a little bitter because he feels that despite the perceived sacrifices he's made, Robert still won't come back and let him relive the best times in his life. Little wonder Robert doesn't want to get on the merry-go-round again.

    I agree. It's also pretty impressive that he kicked alcohol and heroin without rehab but I suspect he would have gone to some form of therapy. He could've even have gone to rehab and just be denying it like the other things he said didn't happen.

    Has Robert ever said the reason he halted the Page/ Plant tour was because of Jimmy's drinking? did they not get on on that tour? Didn't he say he slapped him in '96 before going on stage due to Jimmy being drunk?

  2. Explain the issue here please?

    Scarlet his daughter is not spelled that way . Nor is the Crowley "scarlet woman" if that's what you're alluding to. Her middle name Lilith has similar occult associations. And Scarlett, double t ,can only be accidental/serendipitous....

    It's all very creepy indeed!!

  3. Essentially what Anonymous alluded to above with her post: he just promoted some expensive scarf line, he's modeled for John Varvartos, he has polo shirts and mugs available for purchase on his website, he has a symbol, he's purposefully portrayed himself as interested in mysticism thus creating a certain image for himself/band... this all goes beyond the musical notes on the page. You don't publish a photo of yourself in front of Crowley's house in your book if, on some level, you don't want people to take note of it. And so on.

    And, on a similar note, what you just wrote is also relevant: the line between what is about only the music and what is not is very thin. I can certainly understand not wanting to talk about, I don't know, your ex-wives, but is asking a question about the Hermit sequence -- from a concert film -- really so out of line that it warrants a testy response?

    Sorry I didn't see Anonymous post. I totally agree. I suspect the "I'm all about the music" is just a cover for the fact he refuses to talk about anything personal.

  4. I don't know why he bothers to do press at all with anything but music geek magazines if he is so thoroughly opposed to answering questions that are not strictly about the music. (I'm sure someone is going to tell me that the record company or book publishing company forces him to, in which case -- see third paragraph.)

    In fact, in this case, some of the questions asked were indeed completely relevant to the music. One could discern from listening to the music and looking at the liner notes of In Through the Out Door that JP was not as involved with that album as he was with the others. The hermit fantasy sequence was spliced into a trademark Page musical performance. How is that not related to the music? And I'd argue that he isn't "all about the music" anyway, but that's another point.

    I think that if you're going to consent to do interviews with outlets that will ask about something other than the alternate mix of Stairway to Heaven, whether you really want to be doing them or not, you have an obligation to treat the interviewer with respect. It's almost like doing an interview with Playboy and getting aggrieved when they ask you about sex. I can only conclude that JP does not see it this way. I can see how it would be difficult as a public figure to be asked the same drugs/sex questions again and again. But it seems much more difficult not to have a sense of humor about it.

    Some people might think that Klosterman didn't treat JP with respect by asking those questions (again, not sure which questions were really all that uncalled for) and therefore JP owes him nothing. I'd argue that journalists have an obligation to -- respectfully -- ask questions that try to get the interviewee to reveal something that he hadn't before, to ask the questions on the minds of the fans of the interviewee, and to ask questions that will produce a compelling piece of work for their target audience. It's part of the profession.

    So: I agree with you, Trey.

    That's exactly it. I felt too that he answered with a lack of respect at times when everyone knows that an interviewers job is to prod to reveal the interesting aspects of the person and to reveal all sides of them not just as a musician. This is what makes a compelling interview as you say. JP oddly lacks a sense of humor on this ocassion! I feel he makes this fundamental mistake. The musicans' personality, moods, life experiences all informs his/her playing and it's interesting to hear about it. Jimmy can choose not too but if he does it's more endearing and likeable in my opinion. For example it was always fascinating to hear Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis talk about their childhood, struggling experiences and how they channeled it into their music. There was a vulnerability and warmth that made you connect. Jimmy doesn't go there at all in recent years (and if he did in the past it was the odd passing comment about how things were difficult when Bonham died etc..)

    and it can leave him appearing cold and distant. Again it's my opinion.

    "And I'd argue that he isn't "all about the music" anyway, but that's another point." Can you elaborate on this thanks? Interesting to hear you're view.

  5. http://www.gq.com/moty/2014/jimmy-page-men-of-the-year?currentPage=1

    I'm interested in what you guys think of his interview with GQ released today? Typical Jimmy but I found him quite annoying here. I mean why be so difficult?! I totally respect his decision to keep his private life private -that's up to him but it's the way he answers that is kind of annoying! Is he trying to appear clever and mysterious? What are his motives for answering the questions in a kind of riddle?!

    The interviewer was actually asking good questions up until the end when he then blew it with the stupid Coverdale question.

    This is my opinion but I think Page is a troubled person behind it all. I think he immerses himself in the music so he won't have to deal with personal problems and he's been doing it his whole life. He gets so testy when the interviewer asks him even the most light personal question. The interviewer is trying to get a full picture of Page as any good interviewer does. he wants to know the man behind the guitar. The interviewer even goes so far to allude to celebrities such Elvis who were exuded a personal warmth, were open with his fans and that he didn't just talk about the music. He's basically reassuring Page that it's ok to be more open about you are, your interests other than music and that people will like you for it more.

    Why is he so guarded these days and afraid to admit even that he had a heroin and drinking problem?!

    Any rock star today who did drugs, drink in the 60s and 70s always admit it and gladly say they've moved on but Page won't even admit that he did it years ago at one point!

  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/11058691/Robert-Plant-Theres-only-me-Mick-Jagger-and-Rod-Stewart-left.html

    In this interview released today Robert talks about Jimmy saying “He should get on and do something, he’s a superb talent. That’s the sad thing for Jimmy, he knows that I’m his guy, I’m his pal, but the warmth that he needs to actually enjoy the world, it’s all there. Come on and give it to us.”

    I feel stupid but the way Robert phrases this I can't be sure I have it exactly! What does he mean by I'm his guy and the warmth he needs out in the world? What's Robert implying?

    This interview has really got me thinking of the many quotes we've seen in the press from Jimmy and Robert over last few years. What is the deal with Jimmy and Robert's relationship? I've been watching past interviews with Led Zep and there are very telling signs of tension between them.

    In Charlie Rose Led Zep interview 2012 Charlie really asks the tough questions to Robert about how it was him who didn't want to do a tour and keep reunion going. If you watch Jimmy he's smiling as he says this as if he's glad that that Robert has to deal with this question. Robert sidesteps the question and I feel that he's not giving the real reason as to why he wants to tour. Charlie then asks Jimmy why couldn't Led Zep be about the future and Jimmy shrugs. Why is he shrugging? Shouldn't he be sure about the band's future? Sorry for going on but I thought this Rose interview was the best as it really highlighted the tension. If you watch JP Jones and Jimmy's body language when Robert is talking it's very telling- constant tapping of fingers and facial expressions! Why is there this tension and why can't they all sit down and have a talk? It seems a lot is left unsaid with these three judging from the awkwardness and tension.

    There has been back and forth between Robert and Jimmy this year in the press. Jimmy saying he's fed up and Robert saying he's disappointed and baffled by Jimmy and so on. Even in a recent radio interview with Page he jokingly says he doesn't think Robert wants him to be anywhere but this shows his true feelings. Does Jimmy think Robert doesn't like him anymore and that's why he won't play with him? He doesn't seems to understand Robert's reasons for not getting back with Zep because he says he can't understand why Robert wants to play Led zep with other band members and not the original guys. They obviously don't communicate and talk. Is Jimmy really puzzled by Robert not wanting to do this or is he playing a game? Why can't they pick up the phone or meet for a chat?

    I'm just really interested to hear the views on Jimmy and Robert's relationship now from people here. I'd love for Jimmy to release new music and tour also!

  7. Why do people complain about Jimmy being lazy and not releasing music for last 16 years or so? He has his reason I'm sure. He had two kids round 1998 and maybe he wanted to take it easy and spend time with them as he was older. Robert and John Paul's kids are all grown up a long time ago. I think a lot of him being out of public eye had a lot to do with the fact he married again in mid 90s and has been raising two young kids and they were born when he was in his late 50s! I mean they're still in school and teenagers! I don't know if he's mentioned this in interviews? I do feel also that for years he prob was holding out on a Zep reunion. I do think he should have got another bandand album together years ago. It would have been interesting to hear. He's 70 now and although he's talking enthusiastically in recent interviews about getting a band together I don't see how he'll have the energy playing rock music onstage at 72 as he seems to hint that it'll be few years before he gets it together! Was interesting when he said on Japan rock city interview that he wasn't "greedy" about making music but I wish he would've explained that statement a bit more. It was a bit vague.

  8. just saw part of the set on BBC now. This is my opinion but I just felt it was wrong when he started doing Whole lotta love. I just had an immediate gut reaction. Jimmy is alive and well and passionate about still wanting to go out playing Zep music and here is Robert Plant still able to sing Zep songs and he's choosing some random guitarist for what reason I don't know why and choosing not to perform them with Jimmy. If he wants to do his own music then do it but why sing loads of Zep songs in his without the original member?

    I understand now when Jimmy recently said that he doesn't understand why he does Zep music without original members. It just appears to me that Robert doesn't want to play with Jimmy anymore. Why do you think this is?

  9. This made me furious with Robert. Robert might as well be telling Jimmy to drop dead. This is really upsetting and no wonder Jimmy is fed up. He has talked about Jimmy like this since the end of Zep.

    Hi I'm new here but totally agree. It's so rude of him to talk like that especially to the guy that is the reason he was discovered. Jimmy was a successful, well known musician and he put Robert, a then unknown, in the middle of nowhere and made him huge. Plus Jimmy wrote alll the music that Robert's 60 percent set is made up of. Talk about ungrateful!

  10. I think he meant that Jimmy might be tired (as he has been on a travelling media blitz with the remasters debut) and perhaps think about either what he said or what a reunited Zep tour might look like....perhaps

    Thanks yeh it;s a puzzling one but I still think he could do some more shows with Zep. I just think that if Jimmy. John Paul and Jason all expressed they want to do it then he really should oblige for one tour that would be a few months out of his life for the fans. I understand if he doesn't want to do it permanently but not doing even 1 short tour is selfish.

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