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  1. R Amblinman

    Forum Question - Help Needed Please!

    I opened up a couple of new topics several months ago in Other Bands/Music. There have been a couple of replies to each, nothing of any significance. I would like to delete both of these topics, but no matter how many times I look at it, I just cannot see how I can delete them. There is nothing in "my profile" that allows me to take this action. And nowhere when I open up the thread that allows me to do it. I can report the post, share the post, reply to the post, but I can't edit or delete it. And I cannot find anything in the Help section to assist. I did edit them just after I posted them, but this option now seems to have now disappeared. Any help would be very much appreciated. I need to get all the information contained within one new thread. One thread only. I'm very, very reluctant to open up a third one, even though the first two have disappeared into oblivion through old age.
  2. A promotional film (82 minutes) of the Bonzo Bash 2015 in Moscow. I'm not a drummer myself, but its a great watch. Superbly filmed with top notch sound and picture quality.
  3. R Amblinman

    Favorite Song off of Physical Graffiti

    The dreamy and reflective Ten Years Gone for me. Mesmerising song. Great to see so many votes for this one too.
  4. R Amblinman

    Absolutely Great Black Dog Cover

    Alyona does like to do all her own harmonies and backing vocals. I think that she records most of her stuff at home. Ok, just singing into a mike, I can't see any of the dark arts going on here 😀 Change of groove, Alyona now sounding like Ann Wilson 😲 Get ready for the big chorus...
  5. Alyona is a musician/vocalist/composer/arranger from Moscow. She also sings with a Led Zeppelin tribute band - Plumbum Dreamz (also called Plumbum Dreams). I'm not sure which is the correct one. And a Beatles tribute band (Back From The USSR). Loads of great stuff from both on You Tube. Alyona has just started recording for her first album. Her You Tube channel is her solo work. Alyona has phenomenal vocal power and voice control, and sings Zeppelin like no one else I've heard, even Ann Wilson, who I'm a huge fan of. Check out Alyona's channel, and a few videos below. Recent vocal covers of I Can't Quit You and Stairway on her channel as well. Its a gold mine 😲 This is Alyona's fave Zeppelin tune, she uploaded this to You Tube yesterday to start things off.
  6. R Amblinman

    Absolutely Great Black Dog Cover

  7. This was recorded just a couple of weeks ago, a proper international collaboration. Alyona Yarushina from Russia on lead vocals, Andrei Cerbu from Romania on guitar, Sina from Germany on drums. Sina's dad played bass, but didn't wish to appear in the video. Andrei and Sina are both still teenagers, Alyona a little older. I'll be doing a seperate thread later just for Alyona.
  8. R Amblinman

    Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    I went to Knebworth both weeks in 1979. But I was a teenager at the time and don't remember as much about it as I would like to. I really enjoyed both, but do remember sound problems, I think, at the second one and a very late finish. They were long, long days from the early morning. And I did get an A4 copy of both weeks tickets signed by Robert Plant. I didn't meet him, a friend of a friend (so to speak) arranged it for me. Either just before or just after the event. It looks genuine and I have never had any reason to think otherwise.
  9. R Amblinman

    Led Zeppelin Clothing and Whatnot.

    I bought a Zeppelin sweatshirt at Knebworth in 79. I used to wear it a lot for a few years, but its since shrunk in the wash (well, that's my excuse anyway). Its one of those beige ones with a kind of stamp on there like on In Through The Outdoor. And a big Swan Song thing on the back. I've seen these on ebay and the seller is usually asking for several hundred £s. Crazy.
  10. R Amblinman

    The Song Remains the Same - Upcoming screenings

    I remember the late 70s when I was a teenager, The Song would occasionally be shown in a local(ish) cinema, normally just for one night a couple of times a year. A bunch of us would jump on the train like it was some kind of pilgrimage to some cinema somewhere. I'd seen the film six times by the end of 1979. They were good times...I've had the DVD for years and have now upgraded to the two disc version.
  11. R Amblinman

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    Chantel McGregor Band next week on May 10 and May 11th. First at the Beaverwood Club in Chislehurst, then the Boom Boom Club in Sutton next night.