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    chicago suburbs
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    My 2 passions are Led Zeppelin and the Chicago Bears. In that order
  1. Who the hell did they poll? Jimmy is number one hands down, no competition!
  2. Which Robert Plant era was the cutest?

    I LOVED him in the 70's, but I got to see him and Jimmy in the 90's and thought he had never looked better. So I chose 90's.
  3. Get The Led Out

    WLUP is 97.9 in Chicago does it every night at 8 pm. Enjoy
  4. the best led zeppelin tattoo in the world today?

    That has got to be the most well thought out, beautifully crafted tat I have EVER seen !! That absolutely ROCKS!
  5. Your favourite Plant vocal

    I have to start out by saying that every song that he sang was totally fantastic in its own way. Every range, pitch and note was perfect for each song. That being said, two of my favorites with his vocal range are IMTOD and SIBLY. But for the record, I love them all.
  6. What's your zodiac sign?

  7. God Angel, I almost had to go get a kleenex! That was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank-you.
  8. I cant guess what the author of Aladin was thinking, but as far as thoughts etc, thoughts are energy, and energy never dies. Something to ponder on.
  9. Thank-you for sharing. I had never seen either one of these clips. They are priceless!!
  10. Sarm (Island) Studios, May 2009

    Thank you for the post Planetpage. I really enjoyed reading that. I just love to read stuff Ive never read before and can find tons of it looking around here. Thank-you for sharing.
  11. Bron Yr Aur Stomp live lesson

    Wow that's a GREAT video! Where are you guys from?
  12. Atom Egoyan Meets Jimmy Page

    Thanks for posting this Wholelottajimmy! Very interesting, but I have a problem with the fact that they seemed to think the Song Remains the Same movie was crap! Oh well, its their opinion I guess.
  13. This or That

    Christmas. Charcoal or Gas
  14. JPJ'S Best Keyboard Performance

    I voted for NQ, but I couldnt decide between that and Kashmir! I get anxious trying to pick.....lol. I also LOVE the his keyboard performance at the end of Over the hills and far away, ( the album version). It absolutely rocks!