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Robert Plant Live: Secret Solstice Festival 2019 (Iceland)


Event details

Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters

Secret Solstice Festival
Engjavegur 7, 104 Reykjavík, Iceland



2018 marked 50 years since Led Zeppelin released their iconic debut album “Led Zeppelin I”. It is no exaggeration claiming that rock has never been the same again. In a positive sense, of course. Led Zeppelin moved boundaries, broke new ground and always went their own ways, something Robert Plant has continued doing to this very day.

Last year Plant released his 11th solo album, the critically acclaimed, «Carry Fire». American Songwriter Magazine had the following to say about the album: «Plant continues down his remarkably innovative path on the combustible “Carry Fire”, further expanding an already eclectic, forward-thinking solo career and creating an artistic, often edgy persona largely removed from past glories many younger fans may not even be familiar with. «New music has always been the driving force in Plant’s career. Whether it’s writing new material, experimenting with different musical directions, finding new partners – such as his very successful collaboration with Alison Krauss, or dressing up old songs in new clothes.
Plant’s strength has always been his enthusiasm and musical precision. There’s always a underlying curiosity there that pushes him forward, something that gives his concerts this tangible nerve and a rush of excitement.

The Sensational Space Shifters are Robert Plant’s long time collaborators Justin Adams (guitars), Liam «Skin» Tyson (guitars), John Baggot (keyboards), Dave Smith (drums), Billy Fuller (bass) and new member, violinist Seth Lakeman, who himself has an impressive solo career.Knowing Robert Plant, we’re confident that he has lots of surprises in store, both when it comes to old and new material. We are very much looking forward to welcome one of the biggest, most important and recognizable voices in the history of rock.

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