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    Zeppelin (and post band members bands), Sailing, Hiking, Adventure Travel, Classic Mustangs, Live Concerts, Whitesnake, UFO, Y&T, Zebra, Rush, Floyd, Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Co, Firm, etc.) plus numerous other bands, hanging with friends, family and having good times (hold the bad ones...)! Fine long hair beautiful women who can rock all about (love to hear from you if you're single!)<br /><br />Wishing the Zeppelin Multitude Well on their travels...til we rock again!
  1. Did anyone see this.... Video Clip of Black Dog....from last nights show! Here's the link with review from BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7138311.stm Sounds good considering they're age and past short musical gathers over the years! Jason well...he's just an amazing musician! I was lucky enough to catch him with the "In Name Of My Father" Tour about 10 years back in NY before he sobered up! Amazing moment at 3:30am in the morning after the bachelor party he was at in NYC...he played a gig after that with his band The Jason Bonham Band covering all the Zeppelin fav
  2. Hey there Chasenblues...fellow NYer here and Long time Zeppelin listener/fan! Are you lucky enough to be heading to London for the 12/10 Tribute show? Well I'm new to this forum...seems well put together and glad the band put it together for us! Got to ramble on... DieHardZepFan (aka Vic)
  3. I second that with LZFAN715...definitely would love to see Zeppelin touring all over the States with an extra Long set, with mutliple encores (not to mention musical orgasms...ladies!)!!!!! However, I would not believe this until I am holding tickets in my hand and the band has confirmed this verbally in televised or live call in shows or streaming/interviews! Rumors have revolved around Zeppelin since that tragic day and annoucement from the band in Sept of 1980! We can only hope... Robert and Jimmy and John Paul and Jason will sit around the pub one evening, and say why don't we
  4. The Rover is an Amazing Zeppelin Tune! One of my all time favorites...and really were surprised that they never performed it live (Except for a few bars as was previously mentioned on the '77 tour as an intro to SICK AGAIN "which is also incredible")! Very underated but not the most! One of the best tracks off the Physicial Graffitti sessions. The riff that Jimmy gets into on The Rover as it fades out...is one that I would have loved to have been sitting in on in the studio cause I know there is more to that number than we were given in the final cut before it made its way onto Physical
  5. FOR YOUR LIFE...is one of my all time favorite tunes and would be a definite plus to hear live since they've never performed it together on stage that I am aware of! Presence is a great LP and anything they play I would agree with the prior posts would be amazing! They are such an intense musical unit and have a chemistry that transends time and space! Truely One of kind! Led Zeppelin! Other tracks on my Wish they would play live ...would have to be: (not in any particular order) Hey Hey What Can I Do! - (Great addition around an acoustic set) The Rover - (in its entirety...n
  6. Guys, when Page came to NY for the Ronnie Lane's Appeal for ARMs show back in 1982, which was the first time since John Bonham's demise that Jimmy was peforming publicly on stage in NYC, the venue even though all three original guitarists (Eric, and Jeff) of the Yardbirds were there together for Ronnie(and all incredible in their own right)...the place didn't errupt like it did when James Patrick Page took the stage! I was there for both nights, and the roar was so intense and so long.....it was deafining! (no exageration...) Jimmy joked after playing Prelude (off Deathwish2 soundtrack) t
  7. Totally Agree with this post! To all the Band members or influential Zeppelin staff, please pass along our desire from those that are Stateside and may be unable to attend the O2 show, that we sincerely would enjoy seeing and of course hearing Led Zeppelin on this side of the Atlantic once again performing a complete Zep Set! It would be amazing experience for those to young to have seen the original lineup flying across the globe back in the seventies! The many reunions and benefits up until the O2 show were just not enough material nor the quality to get the juices flowing for all of
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