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  1. What about David Surkamp from Pavlov's Dog................ Could be a good idea if an album of guest artist (singers), was employed. On a creative level at least, (dare i suggest it), Surkamp's work with Pavlov's Dog, comes from a similar pallet to Zeppelin. It's a shame that the original line up never recorded any more than the two albums. They're albums play start to finish, every song a gem. Not enough really, to ever truly test one's metal........ I'd like to see it at least.
  2. Jimmy's probably thinking to himself..... "get your fu**ing hand off me". How dare he touch royalty. Piece of sh**. Do you know the story behind the pic? The one you photo shopped with him smiling and pointing at him could have some interesting captions put to it. "Can you believe this joker", "he thinks he's a guitarist", "Security......deal with this would you", ect. Should create a post to see what people come up with.
  3. You lucky bastard Ev. Did you get to chat much? After reading a post about how Jimmy often leaves an event/party/place out of frustration (forever being asked for chats or autograph). I don't know if i would feel right to approach him. (not saying you shouldn't have Ev ) Gee it would be hard to see my idol on the other side of the room, and stop myself from saying hello. I've been able to do that with all my motor sport gods. Luckily it's not so hard in Australia. We don't have the populous, 100 or so waiting in line, not 1000 or so. I think that's why most of our stars love coming home. Oh to meet the great man. That must be a picture you will treasure for the rest of your life. Again, I'm completely green...........LOL
  4. Who ever it is will just be a puppet again anyway. The democratic system is flawed. That's not implying that I'm a socialist or communist, just that consumerism is fu**ing this planet, and the democratic right to have as much as the next person has made us greedy. The US is the biggest offender. It started with " The Great Land Grab". Grab/steal. None of the colonial nations have a clean slate. Australia is just as bad. Little John Howard followed Bush into the sh**. War on terror, what a fu**ing joke. How's about putting the money for the missile defence shield planned for europe into renewable energies or even rebuilding New Orleans. VOTE 1 John Stewart and the daily show.
  5. Can you believe there is some bloke who can make out the tune just by examining the grove a an LP. It's a fact. Don't know his name. Google it. Heard it on Spicks and Specks. (aussie music trivia show)
  6. Why not. It's not smack. Wish there were still places like that.
  7. Redcliffe QLD. North of Brisbane. You in QLD? Haven't had a reply to the Queensland fan post. There has to some up here.
  8. Absolutely green with envy. I was born in 75' so missed seeing them live. The best i could get was lying on the floor with a speaker on each side of my head, eyes closed, ears on the verge of hurting. I sometimes felt I could have been sitting in the front row, jimmy standing above me, wailing out the riffs. A few cones always helped the illusion........... LOL
  9. Here's a weird point of view......... Apart from the custom shop JP models. I seem to feel that the 'Iced tea' burst (which Gibson denies knowledge of ; must be a custom shop colour) is closer to the colour of jimmy's No1 than a Cherry burst. If i was going to buy an R9, it would be in iced tea. Just an observation.
  10. Thanks again Ev. I'd hate to dispute a point about les pauls with HUW then. I just wonder why i have been obsessed with the zebra bridge pickup for so long? He seems to feel safe with his records on the mater though. I'm most probably wrong, but again for my own sanity, I hope I'm not. LOL It's all good. I was always the go to man for Zep facts around my group of friends. I suppose that's why I'm like a dog with a bone with this one...... LOL Can you believe that Noel Gallagah (i forgot how it's spelled) has Pete Greens 59'. What a waste....... LOL
  11. I wonder why I've been so sure about it all these years. That's why I was so happy to see the Burstbuckers in zebra. Maybe I've just been deluded all this time. Dunno. I'm happy with my paul though dispite the fact that it's now been explained that he never had zebras in No1 or No2 until the 90's. Bubble's been burst a little. I'll just have to continue to fool myself into thinking that I've got my own jimmy special. Hopefully I can prove you wrong. For my own sanity. LOL
  12. I'm tending to agree with that. You can only plead so much, before total disappointment / frustration sets in. I tend to think that because Robert's been more successful in his solo career, he has no need to revisit Zeppelin. I doubt Jonesy or Jimmy would be doing it for any other reason than the love of the music and fans. Come on Robert. It would only be a year out of your life, that would stay with us for the rest of ours. No more pleading though. It would only fall on deaf ears.
  13. I'm sure I've seen a photo from the 70's of No1 or No2 with zebra bridge pickup.......... I'm determined to find the pic amongst my Zep stuff. Again, I'm not arguing, just adding my point.
  14. Yes........... Thanks HUW. Are you the go to man for Zep facts? I've been a Zep nut since a was a kid. I feel like a bit of a newbie on here though. Careful about what I say.............. I thought I knew something............... that's why I said to Evester that I wouldn't argue. Sort of feels like i've been neutered. LOL
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