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  1. I've thinked a long time of a Guitar Hero; Led Zeppelin. It would be be very fun actually. Play some songs with them, see the whole group in 3D-graphic. Immigrant Song, Trampled Under Foot, Black Dog, Rock and roll, Kashmir would be very fun to play, really! I hope it comes some time
  2. No! Led Zeppelin without Robert is not Led Zeppelin. Robert has a very special and good role that fits in Led. The voice, the acting on the stage, his look with the long hair. No, Jason do a good job as drummer so i can a little still call it Led Zeppelin with him. But Robert have a very special role in the group so I don't call it Led Zeppelin without him.
  3. Well, swedish adult women and young women (ca my age, 15,16,17) looks good. I don't know anything about special kinds of wildness in beds with swedish women, I haven't either been a "witness" to it if you understand what i mean. But it surely are some women here that are so, surely. My answer is that many swedish girls is fine girls :3 (excuse me if i speak wrong, I'm a sweden and haven't speak english since i was very little. But I try to speak so good i can but it can be some wrongs x3)
  4. Led is good, but have i posted other bands i like? Just curious because you think I have a good music taste .
  5. In Sweden, we say Karl. But if i were an british guy my name would be Charles i think.
  6. Maaaybe, but after many years. And i mean then maaany years! Like Led Zeppelin in London after the breakup (27 years, amirite?) not maybe that long, before George's death (can be discussion if George didn't die too). But it could be possible. It would be very fun to see if that happened
  7. Ehh... uhm... okay! Karl
  8. Oh, it's many! But some examples, Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Paul D'ianno (former Iron Maiden-singer), James Hetfield (in the old Metallica-songs), John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle, Zack De La Rocha, John Lydon Aka Johnny Rotten (he has no fine voice, but good in other ways. Can be funny sometimes xD), Jon Bon Jovi, Kurt Cobain, Steve Tyler, Ray Davies, Howlin' Pelle, Some good singers.
  9. Hello! I'm a guy from south Sweden who is 16 years old. I don't say my name, at least not yet... call me Chuck! Chuck is a name I usually use on forums, it's after a character in an old Pokemongame (yeeeaas, i Like Pokemon too). So, now you know . My father have played Led Zeppelin for me when i was young and I like the music pretty much and Led Zeppelin are the gods of rock. I have liked Led Zeppelin's music in many years. So i cannot explain exactly how long. But it is a long time :3 Some interests is to play TV-games (Nintendo ftw, but can play other games too. So don't call me fanboy!), play piano and guitar, listen to music, cars and engines. Some interests ^^ Yeah, haven't got much more to say. I edit that if I have more to say. But it's a little presentation of me ^^
  10. Robert Plant doesn't want to have a reunion tour, and without Plant Led Zeppelin is not Led Zeppelin. I've heard that the 3 J's want to do it, but not Robert. And i think Led Zeppelin should have Robert. Same with Jimmy Page and Jon Paul Jones. John Bonham is dead so he couldn't tour of course, but Jason aren't a bad drummer so it can be good.
  11. I have a guitar in this style, not an original Fender. A copy (not Squier) Have a classic acoustic guitar too, but i don't find any pics and I don't feel to photograph now xD. I'm saving money to a guitar or a amp. If it will be a guitar it would be a guitar like this Or this EDIT: Couldn't get the other guitar i want to save money too. But it's an Epiphone SG.
  12. Led Zeppelin CAN'T play without Robert, it's sad but it is so. Robert is a legend and he has a voice no other has, the "Led Zeppelin-voice". If Jason weren't so good that he is i would say the same if the played now, because John Bonham was a legend to on his drums. But if i must choose a singer who can be good is the singer in Nazareth, Dan McCafferty. He has that high pitch voice who fits in Led. But Led Zeppelin nearly MUST have Robert if it should be the real Led Zeppelin.
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