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  1. Probably in the $60 area. Call some shops in your area. John and the crew
  2. On another note, the left handed guitar player, if you haven't learned to play yet, learn right handed. That is what I did. It is the only thing I can do right handed. It will give you a better selection of instruments down the road. John and the crew
  3. As long as the neck is straight and the frets are level, the most important thing you can do is to have a good setup. Your local shop can probably do that for you. I can take a $100 guitar and make it play just like a $1500 guitar, you need a good setup for ease of playing and learning without having the strings way too high. They can set your compensation/intonation, sadle radius to match the fingerboard, string/nut depth and string height. Nothing worse than trying to learn on a badly setup guitar. John and the crew
  4. Here you go, the shiny item at the first fret is a buckle and leather strap that I use here in earthquake country to keep the guitar on the wall.
  5. Just finished the body. Neck will arrive on Monday. EMG 89 and EMG 81TW. Both dual coil plus I've installed 2 batteries and have a custom switching system so I can switch between 9 or 18 volts. It will have a 24 fret shark neck with planet waves locking/trimming tuners, Floyd Rose tremolo. John and the crew
  6. Here in Southern California there isn't a shortage of stores but I still do all of my purchasing from American Musical Supply. They have great prices, the best customer service and offer easy pay payments. If I want to see something in person I just wander down to the GC. John and the crew
  7. I"m in the process of changing the tolex on my new Marshall MG100 full stack to yellow. Here is the head, the slant cab is on the workbench. John and the crew
  8. A Sears Silvertone guitar in 1964. Everyone wanted to start a band. John and the crew
  9. Here are pics of the body, should be done by the end of the year. Everything is carved and painted into the body. John and the crew
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