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  1. The event basically aims at representatives from the music industry so the majority of the tickets is being given away "by invitation only". Only a small fraction is available to the public, as tickets are highly in demand (due to the high-profile nature of the occasion, venue, artists etc.) no broad promotion is necessary to generate enough interest. As it naturally exceeds the number of tickets available by far, people have to register for a ballot to indicate their interest. This was possible throughout January this time and the deadline was set for 22 Jan. The ballot was drawn every day last week and winners were informed subsequently before the offical announcement regarding the auction at Ebay was made today. So by the time this official announcement happens (usually at the beginning of Febr) technically speaking the event is "sold-out" as no tickets are available for purchase then anymore, apart from those few that are auctioned off until 21 Febr. (five pairs this year to commemorate the 5th year S & V is taking place) including the chance for a M & G with some of the artists. RP's participation was announced by Bob on 1 Dec 2009 already and repeatedly confirmed around 14 Dec basically together with the rest of the line-up. Newton Faulkner was the only artist who had officially confirmed his attendance very early on. The original low-key announcement itself for 2010 was issued around 1 Nov if I remember correctly.
  2. Plant's and Miller's version of "I'm movin'on" from Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
  3. This clip contains his full statement on Wolves from the broadcast including some pitch scenes from the opening match at the end
  4. Indeed, couldn't have been more typical For anyone interested and to judge for him/herself, here is a short segment of the broadcast from the Friday preview, he is on at about 3.42 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/football_focus/8287942.stm Enjoy
  5. The comment was " If I wasn't supporting Wolves I would probably support three children, five grandchildren and many happy women (pause) but as it is (pause) I prefer it up here!" And I agree, he was clearly joking and had a good laugh.
  6. While baby No. 2 is currently still in the works, proud "uncle" T-Bone is already hoping for even more offspring.... http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/inde...sand-follow-up/ “Alison and Robert have been in the studio for about two weeks and although we haven’t heard any of the music, we’ve been hearing good things from the musicians,” said Rounder Records’ Ken Irwin in an e-mail to Country Standard Time. Burnett recently spoke to Rolling Stone about Plant & Krauss for a story in the next issue (which hits stands next week). “The one thing we certainly can’t do is try and repeat [Raising Sand],” he told us. “That was a moment in time and a beautiful moment, so to try and do that sort of thing again would detract from that.” He adds, “Hopefully we have at least two more records in us.” It’s kind of hard to be disappointed by news that the winners of the Album of the Year award are recording a follow-up, but this info likely doesn’t sit well with Led Zeppelin fans who were hoping that the group would finally reunite for a full-scale tour once Plant fulfilled his touring obligations with Krauss. A new album probably means another tour, even though Plant said he wouldn’t tour for “at least two years” after his first tour with Krauss ended.
  7. Here is a small video clip from the rehearsal. They might have asked them to perform close to the Album of the Year presentation which would explain the medley. http://video.aol.com/video-detail/grammy-r...cid=VIDLRVENT05
  8. There are only two pictures so far but they can be enlarged and obviously the original talent has a great time on the red carpet even despite the ignorance demonstrated by the media... http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?
  9. On the red carpet... http://www.wireimage.com/SearchResults.asp...ld=C&vwmd=e
  10. Kentuckygirl you know that we normally agree on the subject of "celebrity spottings" but blaming only tourists for chasing him down strikes me as being somewhat ill-defined. From your quote I get the impression that hords of tourists have flocked to Nashville in order to pester him all around the town. However, your quote could easily be extended to ...by some of our tourists, shop owners/assistants, restaurant owners, local residents with contacts to fellow Zep fans and newspaper staff. In all cases please add the term "some" too, I am very much aware that not all of them are acting like that but with the same class and dignity just as Beverly. I have hardly seen any tourists accounts so far, but obviously half of Nashville's retail trade and gastronomy sector including staff at restraurants, supermarkets, record stores, coffee shops and jeans stores seem to have been more than happy to share their experiences and encounters with him since he had started working there in 2006. I know that many musicians have moved to Nashville in the last decades (especially to escape from the scene in L.A.), one ex-member of Toto being one of them as well as some more of their closest collaborators and friends, and that they have their reasons for it. However, I am sure that even in Nashville everyone is different, some people are excited that he is there, others believe that he has relocated there because they have spotted him twice within the last two years, others have met him but do not feel the need to go public with their information and there should even be many who simply do not care about him at all just as is the case with tourists. So far I have the impression that he is very much capable to deal with the situation and to indicate towards tourists, residents etc. when it is time for them to leave him alone. And apart from tourists, there seem to be individuals who are less sensitive when it comes to guarding his privacy there, be it "friends" who promise board members to get in touch with people related to the staff at the studio where he is currently recording in order to extract information they can pass on, journalists (I remember at least one article in which a local newspaper staff member was mentioned who had been ordered by court to respect his privacy) and keeping record of his daily "waste" in order to expose it to the public in its entity after he has left the town instead of disposing it of as is usually done in case of any other resident, "celebrity", guest, tourist in Nashville etc. is, frankly, a rather strange way to express warming hospitality towards your "International guest". He therefore might have attended the pre-grammy party to show his support and appreciation for the music scene (I am convinced that he has made a lot of friends there by now ) but probably decided to skip the red carpet in order to treat his "popping in" there as a low-key affair... Which he is obviously able to do in most cases, contrary to other celebrities I have heard about especially actors.
  11. Though while I do easily see why the poster rejects the fact that the photos have been made public here, it should be taken into account that private information is generally made accessible to everyone far too easily in today's information society. Moreover, many people are not aware that, once the information is available online, it might be stored for years to come. However, in order to protect people's privacy in times of the internet, not only fans may ask themselves whether they should allow others to get access to a certain piece of information, but it is also up to family and friends to help to achieve this. In addition, people obviously misjudge the danger of posting pieces of information in various parts of the internet not realizing what consequence the permanent accessibility of evitably harmless information might have much later. A single post, name-dropping, remark, hint etc., as harmless and isolated it may occur to the poster at the time it is exposed to the public, may enable others to generate a wealth of information about someone much later on even if the person in the very center of attention is very well-known himself for being highly protective about his private life. This is the case if the individual pieces of information can be put together like a puzzle, something that especially family members and friends of people in the public eye should be aware of at any time. Though I am very much convinced that no one, regardless whether fans, friends or family members who have been involved in individual cases, has ever acted deliberately when revealing information on the internet even if it had not been meant to be related to Robert Plant at all at the time when it was posted or uploaded, the extend of private information that is available today due to the circumstances mentioned above is simply appalling. Based on a few indidvidual snippets of information given out on various occasions by various persons, I was shocked to have been able to come across tons of data, both in written and in pictures, of the most private nature, not only related to Robert Plant himself but also to those close to him. It is even more shocking how just one simple hint, post or remark can lead to a piece of information being exposed which then again, astonishingly enough, can lead to even more private stuff being unearthed and so on... So far, I have not seen any of the data I am referring having been published on any of the Robert Plant/LZ related forums and I hope that it will never happen. Compared to the photos mentioned in this thread, the data can be considered being by far much more private and sensitive than a single appearance in public (which was covered in good faith I assume though I would never publish anything like that myself) and I am very much convinced that he would be outraged if any of this data was to be posted here or on any other board, forum etc. in future. Though, at least such sensitive information can be moderated in these aformentioned places while, once being thrown to the wider public unintended or deliberately elsewhere, there might no control being possible anymore at all. And then he might find himself in need of taking valium not only in order to get over the festive season. (People who have listened to the BBC Wales show this morning will know what I mean).
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