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  1. I thought I'd find some fans here. If you never heard of them I suggest you give them a listen. I know... blah blah blah. Really give them a listen. Very few bands can make me drive to another city and get a hotel just for a concert.
  2. Anybody going? I'll be at The House Of Blues In Cleveland for the show!!!! Sept-21-2009
  3. And this is what it was like... Quite good actually!
  4. Sorry it was difficult enough to explain it the first time. Why don't you go there and read it. Multiple threads on this topic? I don't think so!
  5. Bump Again (last time) the details are in a locked thread called Rumors from detroit. I don't know how or even if I can link to it. Also I never could figure why such good information was locked away to be burried?
  6. Doesn't anyone around hear LISTEN. OCTOBER 9th. Be There! Actually it will be on TV.
  7. Alex Lifeson (Rush) Hope. (Name of Solo) Link.
  8. I'm new too. Hope all goes well for you.
  9. I don't know where they want me to post this. I had a place but it got locked Anyways, October 9th is still ON for a Zeppelin surprise. From Detroit.
  10. ^^^ That second link is it. After hearing it a second time. It's very elusive, but keep in mind it's the same DJ that had a long interview with Jason Bonham.
  11. I'll try. About 4 weeks ago Jason Bonham was in town with Foreigner. What a great concert that was. They played an extended version of Juke Box Hero that broke into some Whole Lot of Love. they also played a bit of Kashmir. I think it was Bonhams last gig with Foreigner. That afternoon he was on WCSX radio being interviewd with, Ken Calvert. (local DJ) All he would say was that he was ready to move on. OK no big secret. Then last week Ken Calvert is doing a radio interview with a def Leppard member. (Don't know which one) They were talking about a very special satallite performance on the big screen, Ken calvert said something about Zeppelin. The Def Leppard guy did not confirm or deny. But by the tone of their voices I could tell that they both knew it was so. I'll see if I can find a link to the interview.
  12. On Oct. 9th The Detroit Redwings will raise the Stanely Cup banner at their first home game of the season. At a venue nearby (Fox Theater) the game will be on the big screen. Def Leppard will perform live after the game. There will be a special guest via satellite. The rumor that Zep is the guest was somewhat confirmed in a radio interview with a Def Leppard member. Hi. I'm new here.
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