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  1. From http://www.theyearofledzeppelin.com/2008/10/day-236-6131977-new-york-ny.html:
  2. They probably just put out a direct copy of the bluecongo matrix. That sounds as good as any pro recording.
  3. 6/21/77. No question. You can't tell me the 10 seconds just after the 5:00 mark doesn't nearly make you pass out from ecstasy. The rest of the song exhausts me. This is in Plant's top 5 vocal performances ever.
  4. I think the only warm-up exercises he did were of a different nature... As Plant once said at a show: "Sorry we're late, we had some headwinds at about 8 miles high."
  5. There are definitely two sources for this show. The one in circulation has only two songs. The alt source was taped by the same person that taped the alt source for the 20th, and the only known source for the 22nd. When I unearthed those two tapes, the person I got them from said the taper only gave him those two nights. The 21st definitely does exists, but nothing is known about the taper at all. We have no idea if he's a hoarder, or just a guy that doesn't know other people like tapes. My friend lost contact with him over thirty years ago.
  6. Probably the most logical reason for TSRTS being the opening, besides it being awesome to open a show with, is that it was a fairly easy song for Plant to get going. He can warm up his chops far more easily and gracefully with a slow "I had a dream... etc" than he could with 75's "IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I ROCK AND ROLLED." Voice cracks abound in 75...
  7. Haha, look at my sign-up date and number. I could be welcoming you here. I'm active on other Zep forums.
  8. Yeah, they played a lot of stuff that wasn't played by the full band. I'm just saying if he heard a live version of T41, it's without Bonzo and Jones.
  9. Maybe they played Tea For One on the radio, but LZ never played it live.
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